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April 22, 2016
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CementProductionChart.pngMany people could be learnt that 480kg of professional wastes is being used as substitute for natural material and gas to create 1 ton of cement clinker in Japan .
In 2012, 28 million tons away from complete 400 million tons of commercial wastes generated in Japan were acknowledged and used as alternate natural product or gas in Japanese concrete flowers. We, AMITA CORPORATION, have actually a lengthy record in recycling commercial wastes, especially in changing them into alternative natural material and gasoline, in order to make all of them easy to use in the concrete plants and provide consistency with regards to distribution quantity, composition and attribute to users.

Ref. Japan Cement Association

AMITA's stop by at Deputy Minister of Ministry of Construction Vietnam

AMITA CORPORATION has become conducting a market review under JCM system to speed up 3R, reduce GHG and subscribe to Green Growth Technique of Vietnam. On 17th October 2014, we obtained a particular honor possibility to visit Deputy Minister of Ministry of Construction Vietnam

Particularly, he showed very good desire for AMITA's purpose, which can be an intermediate handling function in co-processing between waste generators and people. We had been encouraged and expected by Deputy Minister to transfer our experiences and knowledge into Vietnam and subscribe to neighborhood businesses and federal government strategy, Green development approach. This possibility additionally brought our belief to successfully conduct the project with strong support from Ministry of Construction Vietnam and Vietnamese nationwide Cement Association.

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