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November 18, 2016
Vietnam Airlines introduces

With an IPO anticipated in 1H2016, Vietnamese independently had cheap provider VietJet Air is preparing more rapid development for 2016. This may cause further domestic share of the market gains and a more substantial intercontinental community. VietJet has quickly captured a 40% share of Vietnam’s domestic market, and certainly will probably surpass Vietnam Airlines in 2016 as Vietnam’s biggest domestic company.

International growth was modest in VietJet’s preliminary four years, whilst the LCC has recognised that we now have bigger much less high-risk opportunities domestically. However, VietJet will continue to build-up its worldwide operation slowly in 2016, such as the Feb-2016 launch of Hanoi-Taipei, which will come to be its eighth planned international path.

Faster intercontinental expansion is anticipated when you look at the method to long-term, possibly making use of widebody aircraft, because the domestic market will eventually come to be soaked. A unique reservation system that VietJet plans to decide on in 2016 will enable the LCC to start following transportation traffic, providing a significant brand-new source of international traffic as VietJet actions up marketing and advertising activities overseas.

VietJet transported 10 million individuals in 2015, targets 15 million for 2016

VietJet at this time operates 28 domestic routes and seven intercontinental paths. This has quickly expanded since very first operations in Dec-2011, acquiring a 40% share of Vietnam’s domestic market just four years after its launch.

About 10 million people had been held in 2015, with the average load factor of almost 90per cent. Vietnam Airlines transported 17.4 million guests in 2015, but only a little more domestic individuals than VietJet.

VietJet passenger traffic was up roughly 70% in 2015, weighed against the nearly 6 million people transported in 2014. VietJet tells CAPA it projects 50% passenger development in 2016, to 15 million, as the team adds another 12 plane for an overall total of 42.

VietJet added nine plane in 2015

Based on the CAPA Fleet Database, VietJet Air currently has 24 A320s and three A321s under its operating certificate, while its Thailand-based partnership Thai VietJet works one A320. The 30 aircraft figure includes two wet-leased aircraft that VietJet has been using for quite a while to provide supplemental capacity inside fast-growing domestic marketplace.

VietJet Air included nine plane in 2015, including three A321s and six A320s. All nine aircraft had been from its obligations with Airbus.

VietJet Air had also included nine plane in 2014, like the first two aircraft from the Airbus responsibilities and seven aircraft direct from renting organizations. (The group added 10 aircraft in total in 2014, together aircraft was placed at Thai VietJet.)

VietJet fleet should reach 100 aircraft in 2021

VietJet put its very first new aircraft purchase in Feb-2014, with regards to finalized responsibilities with Airbus at 2014 Singapore Airshow for 63 A320 household plane. It signed obligations for 26 extra aircraft in 2015, including a six aircraft price on Paris Air Show in Jun-2015, and a 20 plane bargain in the Dubai Air Show in Nov-2015. Regarding the combined 99 aircraft, VietJet has now taken 11 with 88 continuing to be on purchase.

Regarding the 11 plane already delivered from Airbus dedication nine are currently owned by leasing organizations, according the CAPA Fleet Database. The first 17 plane which were obtained prior to the very first plane from the Airbus dedication had been in addition from leasing organizations (such as the one aircraft at Thai VietJet).

The majority of the original 17 plane had been delivered as utilized aircraft. VietJet’s earliest aircraft had been integrated 2006, and the normal age the team’s existing 28 aircraft fleet is slightly under four years (excluding the wet-leased plane).

VietJet intends to add 12 aircraft in 2016 – mostly A321s

VietJet intends to expand its fleet by 12 aircraft in 2016 and end the year with 42 A320/A321s, nevertheless the price of deliveries will likely to be somewhat quicker to counterbalance plane that will be came back.

Most of VietJet’s 2016 deliveries are A321s. The group currently has only four outstanding A320ceo obligations weighed against 21 A321ceo commitments. Its sales when it comes to new generation A320neo family is evenly split between 21 A320neos and 21 A321neos but at the very least some of the A320neos will likely be changed into A321neos prior to delivery, as an element of VietJet Air’s upgauging method.

As CAPA has actually previously highlighted, VietJet Air is focusing fleet growth on brand-new high density 230-seat version of the A321 because it attempts to increase slots at Vietnam’s primary airports. The usage of the A321 on trunk area tracks in addition makes it possible for VietJet to cut back its product costs and satisfy fast-growing demand.

The upgauging will enable VietJet to maintain a rapid price of ability growth in 2016. In 2015, the VietJet Air fleet expanded from 20 A320s to 26 A320s and three A321s (this includes the wet-leased aircraft but excludes the plane at Thai VietJet).

The full total number of chairs when you look at the fleet expanded by 49percent in 2015, from 3, 600 seats at the beginning of the entire year to 5, 360 seating after the year. All of VietJet’s A320s come in 180 seat configuration, while two of the A321s are in the newly available high-density 230-seat setup, and one gets the old optimum of 220 chairs.

The VietJet Air fleet will likely end 2016 with 8, 170 seats, which would portray growth of 52percent. This figure is dependent on 12 growth A321s plus five A320s being changed with four A320s and another A321. The rate is even faster if VietJet takes A321s totally, but will undoubtedly be slowly if VietJet allocates several of its 2016 deliveries to Thai VietJet. (extra aircraft for Thailand are not expected until, and unless, the newest airline is cleared to work scheduled solutions.)

VietJet could overtake Vietnam Airlines as Vietnam’s largest domestic service in Mar-2016

Even presuming a conservative situation, VietJet Air must be able to satisfy its goal of growing traveler traffic by 50% in 2016.

As CAPA outlined in a 2-Jan-2016 report on overall Vietnamese marketplace, VietJet’s total chair ability is up 74percent 12 months over 12 months to about 261, 000 regular chairs. This can include an 82% upsurge in the domestic marketplace to about 242, 000 regular seating, and a 30per cent increase in the worldwide marketplace to over 19, 000 weekly seating. Just about 7percent of VietJet’s seat ability is assigned to the intercontinental market.

VietJet is planning additional domestic development within the impending months, that'll notice it supercede Vietnam Airlines as biggest domestic service. Considering forward schedules from OAG, VietJet’s domestic ability will achieve almost 259, 000 weekly seats in Mar-2016, which represents a 7per cent boost versus present amounts, and a 73% boost when compared with Mar-2015 (therefore keeping up its current quite high 12 months over 12 months expansion rate).

Considering forward schedules presently on file with OAG, VietJet may have more domestic capacity in Mar-2016 than Vietnam Airlines, the very first time with its record. (Vietnam Airlines could nonetheless possibly include capacity to its Mar-2016 schedule, as Vietnamese providers frequently make last second modifications.)

Based on the present schedule for Mar-2016, VietJet has about a 43percent share of domestic chair capacity in contrast to 42per cent for Vietnam Airlines, and 15per cent for Vietnam Airlines LCC subsidiary Jetstar Pacific. Presently VietJet has actually about a 40per cent share compared to 45% for Vietnam Airlines and 15per cent for Jetstar Pacific.

VietJet will once more concentrate development on domestic trunk area roads

VietJet is anticipated to keep including domestic capacity throughout 2016, with a consider trunk routes.

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