Construction materials in Vietnam

July 24, 2016
Vietnam s economic expansion

Nearly 1 / 2 of the planet these days — three billion people — stay or work in structures manufactured from natural planet and timber. This quantity is rapidly lowering, which is ordinarily caused by rapid urbanization. The real explanation is apparently that earth and wood are hardly ever made use of today as construction materials. Indeed, natural planet and lumber are superb materials that can be used in modern-day architecture, drawing upon old yet advanced practices.

I have had the opportunity to work as an architect in Vietnam and Southern India, plus in both places I experienced the issue of having to design concrete homes in contexts in which planet and wood had been right (in terms of weather, durability, and ecology). Construction products in Vietnam, Asia, Brazil, and several other nations where planet and lumber are traditional materials for many thousands of years, have a strong personal meaning to the majority of folks, specially to poor people who have lived all of their life in houses made from such products.

It is true that a lot of conventional houses in developing countries tend to be poorly built and preserved and certainly will hardly accommodate modern life. Possibly that's the main reason the reason why most poor people, every time they possess chance, develop with reinforced tangible and prepared bricks. When requested why they don't use raw, earth, and wood, they say why these would be the products associated with bad. Reinforced cement and prepared bricks are viewed as symbols of wide range; altering from an earth and lumber house to a brick and tangible house is right related to escaping poverty and gaining personal standing.

A normal earthen household and a modern explanation made from concrete and bricks, in Nagercoil, South India.

A traditional wood household and a contemporary interpretation in Xishuangbanna, South China.

A Normal earthen house and a modern interpretation in Florianópolis, Southern Brazil.

Concrete and cooked bricks are now less expensive than standard materials, and it is better to discover masons qualified to do business with them. But tangible, metallic, and prepared bricks require large volumes of energy to make, while timber and raw planet require no power besides work. Concrete manufacturing alone accounts for five per cent of skin tightening and emissions worldwide.

Architects have actually an essential duty within their chosen construction products. natural planet and timber (from tree plantations in the place of deforestation) tend to be slowly becoming popular choices among younger architects, but there is nonetheless a considerable ways going before it becomes popular.

Credits: Opening image of a building in Auroville, Asia, by Satprem Maini. Pictures of domiciles in Asia, Southern Asia, and Brazil by Jordi Sánchez-Cuenca. Picture of a rammed-earth home in Australian Continent by Morris Partnership. Photo of a rammed-earth office building in London by David Marchetti Architetto.

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