Facts about Vietnamese culture

December 4, 2016
Sweet gift from Dr. Biden

Ao DaiCultural Discovery 101 has arrived once again with some interesting facts about the Vietnamese tradition!

  1. The Ao Dai suggests ‘long gown’ is donned by ladies additionally the most familiar traditional dress present in Vietnam
  1. The Vietnamese language features six various tones for every syllable, which changes the definition of words and often makes it problematic for people from other countries to get the language.
  1. Vietnamese have been in basic collectiveness, putting a high increased exposure of the significance of family members centered on Confucian philosophical values.
  1. Vietnamese culture is concerned much more with standing (gotten with age and knowledge) than with wide range.
  1. Whenever greeting, Vietnamese generally speaking shake with your hands and bow their particular mind slightly to exhibit value. This really is followed by the greeting “xin chao” (seen chow -(pronounced:; meaning:), including their provided name and name.
  1. Some dining etiquette to bear in mind would be to never turn down any meals offerings despite becoming complete, this is certainly considered rude. To keep politeness, notify the host you are complete just before available another dish.
  1. A classic meal to test could be the Hanoi meat and rice noodle soup, also referred to as Pho Bo. Its almost the national dish of Vietnam.
  1. In a traditional wedding ceremony, gifts are positioned on numerous circular red trays after which covered by a red colorization paper or fabric. Remember there should always be a strange number of trays because Vietnamese men and women believe that strange numbers and also the color red provides best of luck towards the couple.
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