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March 7, 2016
Vietnam - Ho Chi Minh

medical in Vietnam is diverseThe health care system in Vietnam combines facets of Eastern and Western medicine. The Vietnamese government is currently trying to develop a universal medical program, which will cover all residents with basic health care bills.

At present, most Vietnamese residents need to pay for medical services on their own, at both personal and public hospitals. In many cases Vietnamese individuals prefer to use private hospitals as these are better prepared.

Expats have to take aside personal health insurance before they go Vietnam. This can cover all of them for treatment at exclusive health care organizations.

General public hospitals in Vietnam

Expats living in Vietnam discover that the requirements of public hospitals do not match compared to the ones that are in North America or west European countries. Public hospitals in Vietnam are usually underfunded and badly equipped.

Doctors and medical staff working at public hospitals in Vietnam will generally just speak Vietnamese.

The high quality and accessibility to medical is particularly bad in outlying areas, plus several of the most remote places health care is non-existent.

Hostipal wards in Vietnam

Alternatively, the standard of private hospitals in Vietnam is very good. Hostipal wards based in Hanoi or Ho Chi Minh City are staffed by health practitioners through the USA, Korea, Japan and France, including Vietnamese health practitioners with trained overseas.

Private hospitals usually look after the needs of expats better than general public hospitals, and do take intercontinental medical insurance.

The price of seeing specialists such dentists and dermatologists differs significantly. Usually, while costs are however less than the rates charged in Western countries, experts whom market themselves when it comes to expat marketplace will charge significantly more than the ones that assist residents.

Doctors and health staff at private hospitals in Vietnam talk English and/or French, which makes life much easier for expats.

Medical health insurance in Vietnam

As there is absolutely no national medical insurance plan in Vietnam, most expats organise intercontinental medical health insurance before they arrive.

When making use of hospitals in Vietnam, expats should seek advice from the hospital and their particular insurer that they are covered.

Expats should make certain that medical insurance coverage they buy covers all of them for therapy outside Vietnam, because numerous expats, along with the wealthier Vietnamese men and women, choose to journey to Bangkok or Singapore for expert treatment and health emergencies.

Medicines and pharmacies in Vietnam

Pharmacies in Vietnam are well stocked and simple to get, particularly in big urban centers such Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City. Pharmacies can be seen on any significant shopping road or shopping mall.

Ho Chi Minh. Vietnam
Ho Chi Minh. Vietnam
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Vietnam Cancer Hospitals
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