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March 19, 2016
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Interviewing farmers into the commune workplace on types of household income. Photo: World Agroforestry Centre/Rachmat MuliaTree products provides considerable earnings for many households whenever annual crops or livestock aren’t profitable, based on analysis in Bac Kan Province in Northeastern Viet Nam.

By Rachmat Mulia and Hoan Trong Do

In comparison to present yearly crop and livestock methods, trees can offer farmers with long-term benefits and also the chance to permanently escape from impoverishment.

These findings had been one be a consequence of World Agroforestry Centre scientists which carried out interviews with farmers in 12 communes in Bac Kan Province of Northeastern Viet Nam included in the Securing Ecosystems and Carbon Advantages by Unlocking Reversal of Emission Drivers in Landscapes (Secured surroundings) task, which will be financed by the Norwegian department for Development Cooperation.

Tobacco farm in Coc Dan commune of Bac Kan province, Viet Nam. Picture: World Agroforestry Centre/Rachmat Mulia

The scientists discovered that owing to exclusive use of their particular farm products by farmers, normal earnings received in 2014 from yearly crops and livestock had been predominantly unfavorable. In places where yearly plants or livestock did supply income, several hurdles prevented replication various other places. For example, whereas maize and rice might-be lucrative within one location in which these were accustomed create alcoholic beverages for local purchase, manufacturing required large volumes of firewood that merely had beenn’t for sale in other areas; this is an identical case for cigarette. For many farmers, cattle had been lucrative but usually this wasn’t the situation because most households held only one or two cattle or buffaloes for domestic use due to shortages of fodder and weak profitability in the long term; sales of cattle or buffaloes had been reserved for immediate financial needs. Starch from Canna types was used to make cellophane noodles generally miến dong but need ended up being restricted even for top-notch services and products.

By comparison, trees from agroforestry and other tree-based systems could offer considerable income for households while the systems by themselves supply ecosystem solutions. Even though the youthful plantations are not however completely production at the time of the research, four families had been already benefiting economically through the methods.

In 2014, one of many four families gathered nearly 2500 of seven-year-old Manglietia conifera trees, creating a net income of VND 8, 200, 000, 000 (± USD 364, 000); another harvested ten of 15-year-old Styrax tonkinensis trees for a return of VND 128, 000, 000 (± USD 5680); a third harvested the good fresh fruit of 100 three-year-old persimmon woods for an income of VND 290, 000, 000 (± USD 12, 900); as well as the 4th sold renders from 2000 beverage woods to make VND 22, 000, 000 (± USD 1000). The poverty line in rural areas of Viet Nam is set at VND 5, 000, 000 (± USD 222) per capita per year, hence, the returns above tend to be significant.

Seven types of trees are generally developed by local people, including Manglietia conifera, Melia azedarach, acacia, bamboo, cinnamon, star anise and tea. The scientists are continuing to enhance tree planting and donate to farmers’ livelihoods through investigating neighborhood choices for tree types and obstacles to growing trees during the commune, or local government, degree.


Thanks are addressed to Luyen Thi Doan, Dung Thi Kim Pham and Hua Duyen Thuy for data collection.

Interviewing farmers inside commune workplace on types of family income.Photo: World Agroforestry Centre/Rachmat Mulia.

Tobacco farm in Coc Dan commune of Bac Kan province, Viet Nam. Picture: World Agroforestry Centre/Rachmat Mulia.

Rice and maize are two primary yearly crops within the province. Photo: World Agroforestry Centre/Rachmat Mulia.

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