Concordia International School Hanoi (Vietnam)

September 2, 2015

Concordia will be the newest intercontinental college to Hanoi, but we bring over 150 years of educational experience to Hanoi. Concordia is part for the Lutheran Church- Missouri Synod (LCMS) in the usa. The LCMS has been earnestly developing schools in the United States since the 1860’s and throughout Asia the past 40 many years. Concordia Hanoi is modeled after our two sister schools: Hong-kong Global Class, and Concordia Overseas School – Shanghai, China.

The Hanoi college idea created regarding a variety of invitations and options throughout Asia. Vietnam had been selected whilst the primary web site for the next LCMS international school since the LCMS NGO, headed by Ted Engelbrecht and his staff, are effectively working in Vietnam for previous 13 many years. There is also a great requirement for knowledge usually and for worldwide knowledge particularly in city of Hanoi. Besides, the people inside the U.S. Embassy and company neighborhood indicated a desire for a school like HKIS and CISS to come to Hanoi: a high-quality, values-based school that could serve the international and American populations along with neighborhood pupils.

In fall of 2006, the frontrunners of LCMS World Mission staff went to Hanoi with Dr. Allan Schmidt and Dr. Greg Sawyer for an assessment and validation of this possibilities presented into the LCMS. A feasibility study had been finished in November of 2007. The study viewed both Ho Chi Minh City and Hanoi. Powerful proof need and opportunity pointed to Hanoi. In the spring of 2008, LCMS frontrunners found Hanoi to meet up with government officials. Some went to a reception for Vietnam and US federal government officials, educational leaders and corporate frontrunners in Hanoi presented by U.S. Ambassador Michael W. Michalak. Over seventy folks heard Ambassador Michalak extol LCMS schools within the U.S. and abroad.

The writing of numerous papers when it comes to application to the government of Vietnam was at the method for the following couple of years. Some of the documents included were a PS-12 curriculum, a feasibility plan, a charter application, a financial program, a temporary building program and/or permanent location arrange for the recommended school. After several changes and changes, the program ended up being accepted for review by the Hanoi federal government as well as the Ministry of Education and Training of Vietnam. After many group meetings, resubmissions, and clarifications, Concordia got approval to open by the Hanoi’s Peoples Committee.

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Ca Tru Performance at Concordia International School Hanoi
Ca Tru Performance at Concordia International School Hanoi
Concordia International School Hanoi」新学舎です
Concordia International School Hanoi」新学舎です
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