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April 15, 2017
Vietnam Airlines operates a

Crowds away from Royal Palace in the evening in Phnom Penh, Cambodia.Crowds outside of the Royal Palace at night in Phnom Penh, Cambodia. Photo: Alamy

We're checking out Cambodia and Vietnam in November, starting in Siem Reap after that Phnom Penh, Saigon and Hanoi from where we fly to Sydney. we were thinking of traveling with Vietnam Airlines as which makes inner flights cheaper but I have look over very poor reviews. What is your opinion of Vietnam Airlines or is it best to reserve with Singapore Airlines and pay the excess cost of the journey from Saigon to Danang?


It is five years since I have past flew Vietnam Airlines economic climate course, that we reviewed for the Flight Test part of Saturday Traveller, and there clearly was nothing specially fretting about the ability.

The Boeing 777-200 that Vietnam Airlines today makes use of on its Sydney-Ho Chi Minh solution features a seat pitch of 32 inches (81.3cm) in a 3-3-3 setup in economy, which can be not so bad for convenience.

Service back at my journey was brisk, the meals and on-time overall performance were both good.

The only real negative ended up being the enjoyment system, which did not fire, although cabin crew comprised because of this by dispensing alcoholic beverages on request.

All the various other guests had been Vietnamese and this continues to be largely the situation when you fly with Vietnam Airlines.

Travellers tend to be more comfortable flying aboard a flight in which the language, food as well as other individuals are similar to unique.

Flying with Vietnam Airlines might provide difficulties that cause bad reviews from non-Vietnamese.

Available for you, because you're going to be investing a while in Cambodia and Vietnam, you might also jump into the sea you will end up cycling in.

Boarding Vietnam Airlines Airbus 321 in Bangkok to Ho Chi
Boarding Vietnam Airlines Airbus 321 in Bangkok to Ho Chi ...
Vietnam Airlines
Vietnam Airlines
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