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December 18, 2014
Overcoming Fear: Driving a

Sarah Curran is a primary school teacher from Rhigos in Southern Wales. This summer she relocated to Vietnam with her household. She started training at Uk Overseas School in Ho Chi Minh City in September. Here Sarah covers her brand-new experience of living and training offshore:

“My preliminary opinion of Vietnam had been that it is different to in which I come from in outlying Wales! It is much busier, really built-up and there are lots of motorbikes everywhere. We have a pool into the garden of my accommodation, which makes me personally believe i am on vacation! It's wonderful to invest time with my child and husband swimming after finishing up work. The accommodation is given by the school and is section of my package. It is just a 10 moment disappear from college, but i must admit I've been using a taxi because of the heat!

Building my skills

My reason behind moving to a worldwide school was that I wanted working in a different way. I am teaching a new curriculum during the British Overseas School in Vietnam. In Wales I taught the Foundation State. Here I'm training early many years Foundation Stage (EYFS). It will require time for you conform to the various language but teaching using an innovative new curriculum has its own benefits. It does make you consider the reason why you are doing anything, rather than carrying it out immediately. It also makes me personally concern something most crucial whenever teaching.

Class distinctions

The size of the school in Vietnam is extremely dissimilar to the things I'm always – my school in Rhigos had 76 kiddies, here you will find 1800! Even though the college is quite large it’s friendly and personable. There is a household environment and kids from a variety of classes say hello in my experience. We have been perhaps not known as by our surnames right here either thus I'm known as 'Ms Sarah'.

Teaching in this school is probably challenge me personally as a teacher. The grade of teaching inspires myself and I also desire to develop a world-leading Early Years campus while I'm here. It has been really refreshing to stay in a host in which the main focus is on a kid's development, maybe not attainment. The technology on college normally great, and will help me to in establishing innovative teaching methods, as an example I learnt how to use the green display screen for presentations.

Settling in

The institution is supporting me personally wonderfully. The recruiting staff were very mindful and helpful before I left for Vietnam. They ensured I was well prepared along with every thing I needed. Once I came, the management staff had been inviting and revealed my family and I also around the school. Since starting work, every member of staff happens to be happy to help you and increase the hand of relationship. I have been asked completely for food several times currently and recently tried Pho which will be a traditional meal that is a kind of soup and hot-pot. My children and I have been completely away with a teacher to a beach resort, and in addition recently had a BBQ at their house. There's an excellent stability here – you don't need to be alone unless you desire to, but equally it really is okay to-be independent also.

Advice for other people

My advice for educators thinking about teaching at a global college is to do it! Be sure you prepare before you decide to leave but try not to include expectations – go with the flow and make the experiences as they come. Should you believe overrun, don't be concerned, while not likely alone feeling in this way - don't be afraid to talk to somebody about any of it. If you're coming with a family, guarantee both moms and dads are happy. There might be challenging behaviour from your kid while he or she adjusts so having a good commitment truly assists.

How I discovered this job

When I began my search, I’d glance at the TES (instances Education Supplement) and performedn’t understand which college ended up being great or otherwise not. We needed anyone to provide myself guidance, and confidence that I was choosing the proper college; nevertheless much you are doing a Google search, you truly won’t know the schools, plus there have been cultural dilemmas I needed to comprehend. It’s a giant dedication in the event that you don’t know what you will be letting your self in for and I also quickly realised that We needed a specialist to simply help myself. The solution TIC provided me with was entirely outstanding. They assisted us to shape my CV; to put things together properly to highlight the skills and experiences that mattered. They assisted to prepare me personally for my very first ever before Skype interview! We caused a few people in the TIC group. They got to understand me well enough that they had the ability to match myself because of the correct college. They knew the institution really together with seen it recently. That provided me with great confidence your college we were discussing ended up being genuine. It gave me a feeling of security which was extremely important. This task is perfect for me; it fulfils everything i needed. I’m very confident that I’ll find yourself having an extremely good knowledge.”

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