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September 7, 2016
Starting off on the right foot

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Esteemed moms and dads and dear guests,

How does one choose the right school for kid? This choice need a profound and lasting affect the child's development. Accordingly, it really is a decision that will never be taken gently.

At Deutsche Schule Ho Chi Minh City (HCMC) – International German college (IGS), we shall open your kids's thoughts to the wondrous realm of books. They're going to learn the reason we can see the movie stars, the way the Saigon river changes its movement each day aided by the tides, and just why in other countries one can see ice crystals dangling from house windows into the Winter.

Our pupils will go on an inspiring and extraordinary voyage through the world of technology, language, and nature. On their journey, they are going to also start our eyes on new perspectives they're developing. Their discoveries will surely amaze united states.

It is around us to demonstrate all of them how colorful and interesting the planet is. We accomplish this by at the same time cultivating their particular imaginative and important reasoning abilities in a rich discovering environment. Every son or daughter will choose their own road.

Our belief in a supporting learning environment is shown inside architectural model of our university. It is not merely a multifunctional framework with a concrete playing field. Instead, we have been spread across thoughtfully embellished villas in the middle of hand trees, colorful plants, and rich tropical vegetation. This really is in line with our educational belief in an all-natural environment with endless opportunities for adventure and discovery. We believe that immersion this kind of an atmosphere is important for honoring coordination abilities, the capability to observe and realize, and sets the phase for intellectual development.

"Creativity may be the money for the future"

In addition to musically educating your children, we strive to introduce them to many other art-based tasks to grow their particular imaginations and encourage delving into fantastical worlds. Theater, painting, photography, very early nature education, and party can be found not just to broaden their horizons and enhance imagination, but to instill inside them an authentic admiration for beauty and aesthetic. Therefore, musically and artistically supported education yields mental and motor-skill development as well.

"Organic mastering"

Our educational strategy isn't according to repeated, antique ways of rote memorization. Rather, we want our students to actively link thereby applying ideas they understand in school. We should encourage their ability to think, act, and empathize in a stimulating environment. We wish your children to uncover and revel in discovering.

To optimally offer the intellectual growth of the children we on a regular basis conduct mastering status diagnoses. These tests then form the basis of training programs tailored to the needs of the individual pupils, in both Kindergarten and preschool.

For the kiddies in preschool and main school, it is crucial to comprehend current inclinations and proclivities. It is also necessary to recognize relevant options and boundaries. At this stage of development they've been experiencing constant life changes. These are important in determining the cornerstone of future development of the little one. For the kids for this age, the feelings of protection, help, and structure form the working platform necessary to process the flood of information they'll get in school.

In line with the German syllabus, IGS provides teaching sequences in English or Vietnamese (for Vietnamese kids). This bilingual environment permits the kids to quickly grasp their particular cultural variations and similarities. These impulses are the cause for particularly sturdy holistic development.

The Deutsche Schule HCMC (IGS) is a place of discovering, which offers unfettered intellectual development and encourages threshold towards other folks and cultures. Our objective should consistently make sure cross-cultural exchanges such as for instance musical concerts, exhibitions, plays, cinema, guide readings, and talks towards globe we are now living in. Pupils will likely to be afforded every opportunity to experience their globe, society around all of them, and exactly how to communicate efficiently.

Educational success could be the result of numerous elements. Fundamentally, it really is predicated on a productive and positive collaboration between children, moms and dads, and teachers. We look ahead to effectively performing this important and exciting process to you.


Dirk Thormann, Principal

Deutsche Schule Ho Chi Minh City

Worldwide German School (IGS)

On 19 September 2012, the previous Federal Minister of Economy Philipp Rösler formally inaurugated the Deutsche Schule Ho Chi Minh City (IGS). The institution could be the consequence of the "Hanoi statement" amongst the Vietnamese Prime Minister Nguyễn Tấn Dũng plus the German Chancellor Angela Merkel.


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