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June 19, 2018
School : Vietnam Australia

nam-school-featuredBy Nam Ngo Thanh
Professional Educator Columnist, Vietnam

School: Vietnam Australia International School

Location: Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam; Can Tho City, Vietnam

Sort of School: Personal

Quantities Of Schooling: Kindergarten – Senior High School

Few Students: 4500

Quantity of Educators: 600

ss-1Number of Classrooms: 225


Slogan: Be The Ideal You May Be

MIE Specialists: Nam Ngo Thanh – Expert Educator 2014

About VAS:

Created in 2004 and certified by the Vietnamese Government, Vietnam Australia International School (VAS) is a private college group in the national training system offering a K–12 training at the moment, VAS is providing educational services to some 4, 500 pupils from K through 12 at 6 campuses in Ho Chi Minh City and 1 university in could Tho City.

In 2013-2014 college 12 months, VAS officially implemented the Cambridge International Programme in parallel with all the nationwide Programme.Interactive Classroom with a few 400 teachers teaching the nationwide Programme because of the Ministry of knowledge and Training of Vietnam many 200 instructors trained and certified to teach the Cambridge Global Programme, the school provides 3 choices for students from grade 9 comprising of going to either the intercontinental programme to get ready the Overseas Cambridge an amount, or even the bilingual programme to get the baccalaureate diploma by the Ministry of Education and Training and IGCSE certficate (secondary college graduation certificate) and English certificates, or perhaps the bilingual integration programme to obtain the baccalaureate diploma because of the Ministry of Education and Training and English certificates. With any option, the pupils are also completely equipped with understanding, abilities and self-confidence to organize for higher understanding.

Vision and Mission:

VAS Vision

To be an increasing college set of excellence, preparing students to be successful in life and degree, whilst protecting Vietnamese values through a mixture of nationwide and International knowledge programs.

VAS Mission

VAS will transparently set out it is core values and empower every it's stakeholders to totally use by themselves to attain the highest standard in each of these values in a culture of continuous enhancement.

VAS will provide a harmonious combination of nationwide and intercontinental education programs with a high level of English and Vietnamese language proficiency.

VAS can establish a residential district of nationwide and international supervisors, instructors and staff which passionately and efficiently provide VAS’s education programs.

VAS will excel in interacting and engaging with moms and dads to create a partnership in which moms and dads help educators and staff to ensure that their children attain their particular full potential.

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