Vietnam Customs and Traditions

July 13, 2018
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The traditional four-panel dress
The four-panel gown, kerchief and level palm cap with fringes (quai thao cap) producing the gracefulness of Kinh Bac’s ladies is certainly one of Vietnamese old-fashioned costumes. So far, the origin regarding the four-panel (ao tu than) will not be understood yet, however, the carved image of Vietnam’s dress with two flatting laps had been on the face of Ngoc Lu bronze drum thousands of years ago. A view of Vietnam - Hai Au convention
Is set up for twenty years with many exhibitions over Vietnam, this is the first time Hai Au photography club brings their particular brainchild toward city of endless springtime. Water puppetry
This type of standard activity has come from 11th century. Puppets tend to be controlled by puppeteers and do a play or a story on the surface of liquid. Cai Luong - standard tunes
“Cai Luong” could be roughly converted as “renovated theater” in English. This is a kind of modern-day people opera in Vietnam. “Cai luong” can also be a combination of a lot of different traditional songs such as southern Vietnamese people tune, ancient songs and modern-day spoken crisis. Yem dao (Vietnamese design brassière)
In Vietnamese culture, 'yem dao' (implies a green blouse) is a vital element of Vietnamese woman's outfit before. Although its not in preferred use these days, the girl with a 'yem dao' can be as sexy and seductive as a high design putting on Victoria's Secret lingerie. Ao ba ba - casual use in South Vietnam
"Ao ba ba" simply is made from a couple of silk pants and an extended sleeved clothing. The shirt is long and split within edges of waist. It typically features a button range and two pouches at the end.
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