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April 30, 2017
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Emily Huckson

Preschool Instructor

Bachelor of Art in Theatre/minor in English (Hons), York University, Toronto, Canada
Bachelor of Education, Ontario
Teaching Certification, Nipissing University, North Bay, Ontario Canada

Emily had been instrumental in starting the 1st worldwide pre-school in SaiGon called ‘DYNOTOTS’ in 1995, when she very first relocated to Viet Nam. She's passionate about using the services of the youngest visitors to go into the academic system – “the really beginners!” With over twenty years experience with young learners, having taught in Canada, Japan and Vietnam, she notoriously makes use of many theatre techniques in her class room to assist develop confidence, imagination and produce energy. The kids respond favorably to the woman unique teaching style and lots of parents happen proven to enlist their children one year beforehand to ensure they've Emily because their child’s first teacher.

Emily also participates in SaiGon Players, which will be a community theater in Ho Chi Minh City, increasing money for various charities. She's in addition passionate about giving back again to this country which includes provided her with several difficulties, options and wonderful buddies.

Mamma Mia be ready @AIS Saigon #come#come
Mamma Mia be ready !!! @AIS Saigon #come#come
AIS Saigon Concert
AIS Saigon Concert
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AIS Saigon Moon Festival 2009
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