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February 17, 2017
Getting around Vietnam on

making your way around Vietnam is cheap and easyThe settings of transport in Vietnam are varied. Aside from the typical buses and trains, expats will soon observe that the locals like to travel on two tires, utilizing motorcycles or bikes.

The roads in Vietnam’s metropolitan areas are generally congested and crazy. Driving can be stressful and expats should stay away from getting behind the wheel if possible.

Roadway traffic accidents are typical in Ho Chi Minh City and Hanoi, and expats must always work out care when working with Vietnam's roads.

Public transport in Vietnam

Trains and buses in Vietnam is certainly not always comfortable but fares tend to be reasonable. Buses and trains allow it to be simple for individuals travel around the nation.


Inter-city buses can be used to travel between significant metropolitan areas in Vietnam. Hoang longer and Mai Linh are a couple of associated with significant coach companies operating long-distance bus solutions in Vietnam.

Some inter-city buses in Vietnam come in good shape, and they are air-conditioned, making use of buses for very long journeys is certainly not constantly comfortable. The chairs are made for the smaller individuals of Vietnam, and bigger Westerners frequently complain about the cramped circumstances and decreased knee space.

When travelling lengthy distances by bus, expats should you will need to reserve chairs towards middle associated with vehicle. This enables passengers in order to prevent directly seeing the risks taken by the coach drivers and escape the continual sound for the motorist honking the horn at every passing vehicle.

If people are not travelling to the ultimate location regarding the inter-city bus route, Vietnamese coach drivers have a practice of losing the traveler down at the most convenient crossroad the coach driver without at coach terminal, like most individuals would expect.

Expats going with large bits of luggage or bikes should negotiate an additional charge using coach driver versus during the pass counter. Costs for additional baggage should not be any above 10% associated with solution cost.

The frequency of inter-city buses in Vietnam varies in line with the course and the bus business getting used. In the busiest course between Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City there are around 12 bus services per day.


Although trains in Vietnam are a little more high priced to utilize than buses, they have been undoubtedly a far more comfortable way to travel overland through nation.

The most important train range in Vietnam, the Reunification Express, runs between Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City. This alone is a 30-hour train journey, but there are a number of stops as you go along. Additionally there are some shorter paths from Hanoi to your northwest and northeast of the nation. Additionally, it is feasible to travel from Hanoi across the edge to China by train.

Whenever scheduling a train in Vietnam it's always best to book a seat in a sleeper carriage due to the fact seating tend to be more comfortable. On trains where you have the alternative, constantly choose a seat in an air-conditioned carriage.

The best and most cost-effective method to purchase passes is at the place. On popular channels, but best chairs when you look at the air-conditioned carriages are purchased beforehand by agents and re-sellers. Therefore, when individuals get to the place is informed that seats are offered on, this will be seldom the actual situation. In most instances, unsold tickets can be purchased in the last second from re-sellers loitering within station. The commission on these tickets gets paid off due to the fact train's deviation time draws nearer.

Expats should attempt to buy train passes at the least 3 days ahead of time to prevent frustration together with hassle of dealing with representatives and re-sellers. Additionally it is worth remembering that train services can get busier during peak holidays.

One common con that expats should become aware of is when personal travel agents or re-sellers during the station make people pay for tickets on an air-conditioned carriage and give them a solution for a chair in a non-air-conditioned or reduced class carriage. The passenger usually won’t realise they've been scammed till these are typically agreeable the train and it's also too late to need compensation.

Domestic routes in Vietnam

Routes within Vietnam have become inexpensive, particularly when you views just how much time they save.

a flight from Hanoi to Ho Chi Minh City takes around a couple of hours. Additionally, there are regular flights to many other major towns in Vietnam, including Da Nang, Hai Phong, Can Tho, Hue and Nha Trang.

Domestic airlines feature Vietnam Airlines, Jetstar Pacific, Viet Jet and Air Mekong.

Cycling in Vietnam

More daring expats might decide to travel through Vietnam by bicycle. In fact, most Vietnamese men and women bypass by cycle it is therefore a great way to meet the locals.

Bicycles can be hired cheaply in several locations in Vietnam.

Cycling in smaller towns, such as Dalat, Hoi a and Hue is a comparatively pleasant and safe experience. But attempting to cycle anywhere within Ho Chi Minh City or Hanoi is virtually suicidal. Traffic in the significant towns is crazy and road users in many cases are unpredictable which can make cycling aggravating and dangerous, specifically for inexperienced expats.

While parking bicycles in smaller cities just isn't issue, in Ho Chi Minh City and Hanoi parking bicycles on sidewalks is not permitted and cyclists are required to pay a small cost to keep their particular cycle in a parking area.

Motorcycles in Vietnam

Motorbikes are most likely typically the most popular mode of transport among the Vietnamese locals. Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City tend to be swarmed using them and it is not normal to see an entire family operating about the same motorbike.

However, expats should be in possession of a temporary Vietnamese bike licence to be able to employ or function a bike in Vietnam. So that you can get a temporary motorcycle licence, expats will have to convert their worldwide driving licence and also have a legitimate residence license.

Greyhound transport bus, Vung Tau, Vietnam
Greyhound transport bus, Vung Tau, Vietnam
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Vietnam Transportation: riding the SAIGON PUBLIC BUS SYSTEM
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