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April 7, 2016
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C-295 medium transport aircraft, to date, significantly more than 140 C295s have been offered to 20 providers in 19 nations (picture : Airbus Military)

Airbus Defence and area spokesman features confirmed that company should be offered to Vietnam three military transportation plane C-295.

In accordance with IHS Jane’s, speaks at company’s facility in Seville (Spain) on 9/6, product sales Director of Airbus DS Military aircraft, Antonio Rodriguez Barberan he states.

Aside Ecuador bought 3 products C-295 transportation variation, the remaining 17 plane were sold to the key customer.

But one worker in manufacturing type of the organization has actually uncovered that Vietnam is regarded as these types of clients.

Then Airbus DS spokesman confirmed to IHS Jane’s, said Vietnam had really ordered 3 transportation plane C-295, the details are not uncovered.

Airbus DS official said, including that, in 2014, Airbus DS has actually sold an overall total of 20 C-295 plane.
At this time, just a relatively few nations which use the C-295 plane in the Middle East and North Africa, eg Algeria, Egypt, Jordan and Oman.

Details pertaining to sensor methods and weapons installed on C-295 aircraft variation fight perhaps not revealed.

However, in a text slide reveals Airbus DS plane would be designed with one 30mm M230 cannon and 6 points hanging below the wings for rockets, rocket guidance.

The aircraft can also be equipped with 1 combination aperture radar (SAR) sensors and electrical towers – Optical / Infrared (EO / IR).

In addition, this variant plane supply the capability to do the duty of keeping track of the floor like a unique aircraft.

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SAA transport aircraft fired on catches fire landing
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