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June 11, 2017
Moon cake of Vietnam

Cindy because of the water in Bien Hoa, simply outside Saigon.A good deal has actually occurred the last week, specifically myself and Cindy going to Bien Hoa– a place about an hour away from Saigon. Cindy’s cousin got hitched recently, plus it was a great time observing her father’s region of the household (while definitely, eating some delicious food).

I’ve also learned a lot more Vietnamese– and will now hold a pretty fundamental conversation (a 4-year old continues to be better than me personally).

I’m nonetheless not sure the thing I in the end want from this “Saigon Diary” sets– nor do I expect to actually make worthwhile photographs while i will be here. But like we discussed earlier, I want to share some private ideas on the journey, my photography, and keep it all since transparent as I can.

Stairwell / Yellow

This can be a photograph of a relative of a pal in Saigon. We'd some coffee together, after that headed right down to go homeward. As he had been walking down, we saw a pleasant structure and began to just take photos of him.

As you can see within the associates, the very first 4 shots of him are him looking up and smiling. Used to don’t just like the cheesiness associated with the posing, and I also preferred the chance of him searching away:

I love the general shades of yellows plus the green-blues in shot, but We can’t help but wish that shot was taken with a flash (shots no. 3 and # 4 had been). The reason is i believe the noise in the shot is a little unsightly. I like the grain of color film, but We can’t help but stand-to believe it really is a little ugly in digital. Another reasons why i do believe I ultimately prefer shooting film.

Utilizing my free movie presets — we usually like the look total whenever shot in great light throughout the day. But through the night, I don’t love the look of shade (choose digital black-and-white).

In general i love the picture due to the simple background, the solemn feel into chance, additionally the outlines in chance. In addition as a fascinating note– i will be happy I took a number of shots, as it had been the very last chance which was more interesting (wasn’t sure he had been going to look away).

DSCF8291disappointment shooting digitally / Editing Woes

As an arbitrary side-note, the big frustrations I’m presently dealing with is simply how much of a pain its when you look at the ass to edit shots (maybe not post-process, but eliminate and choose ideal shots).

We find that with electronic the upside is We just take much more shots of a scene, which gives me personally an increased possibility of getting an excellent chance.

The disadvantage with electronic is I wind up often taking a lot of shots– a lot of throwaway shots. This means I waste far more time considering photos. And modifying is a pain in the butt.

A very important factor I adore about movie is that the modifying procedure is normally simpler– into the feeling that I simply take fewer photographs and each photo is commonly of greater general quality. For many modifying tips, you are able to review my article: 15 guidelines just how Street Photographers Can Better modify Their Work.

But anyways– let us carry on.

Cindy / Thought Bubble

At VLS (the Vietnamese language learning college we are currently at) I happened to be with Cindy– and saw this interesting word bubble behind the girl. We ended up using a lot of shots of the girl, at different sides, distances, as well as different moments. Here are all 32 photos I shot of her:

My favorite one had been the main one at the center, of the woman adjusting her throat:

It certainly isn’t many flattering photo of the woman– but We that can match just how could it be a unique pose, and how the lady neck appears to mirror compared to the thought bubble.

We don’t like the purple flowers coming out of the woman head, or perhaps the cut-off hook up for grabs.

But we form of do like this more gritty green-blue hue, i believe it really is a suitable “look” the Saigon Diary sets– when I feel it reflects the gritty experience of Saigon.

Contact1Cindy / watching television Shows

Let me reveal another series of photos I took of Cindy within college accommodation, some with a flash many without a flash.

It is an instant in which Cindy is overwhelmed along with her research, Vietnamese studies, and the rest she worries about. Its a moment she's got to just unwind slightly and get caught up on her behalf shows:

This might be the best shot:

I love the perspective of this shot, just how comfortable she appears, and all sorts of the information of this stickers inside her laptop. Perhaps not the most interesting chance, but a beneficial “filler” shot for number of pictures I’m performing on Cindy in Saigon.

Spring moves / Discovering Vietnamese

Here are a few random photos of myself making spring moves– with one of several administrators within Vietnamese language college. Did I mention the food the following is awesome?

But as a side note, learning Vietnamese while within Saigon happens to be extremely enriching.

I know need learn Vietnamese because I would like to much better communicate with Cindy’s nearest and dearest. Her family is quite proficient in English– but I feel you are able to really develop a stronger bond and link whenever you understand their language.

cindy-contact1Vietnamese is an incredibly hard language to master starting off– due to all the 6 various shades you'll want to learn. If you state a word with a rising intonation or a lowering intonation– the word will mean some thing totally different.

Nevertheless now that i've built a somewhat solid understanding of Vietnamese– I'm able to just speak with arbitrary waiters in Cafe’s and restaurants– plus they apparently love the amusement of seeing a random Korean guy speaking the area language. They smile a great deal at me personally, provide myself much better service, as well as show myself more Vietnamese.

I am hoping to find out more during my couple of weeks right here.

Coffee Culture

A very important factor I find absolutely fascinating in Saigon (and Vietnam) could be the coffee / cafe tradition. It came from when the French colonized Vietnam (as well as amazing Banh Mi snacks– that is a hybrid of local Vietnamese food sandwiched in-between a baguette). With the coffee– it is Nestle with condensed milk which makes Vietnamese iced coffee quite amazing (the ca phe sua da).

Everyone loves the way the Vietnamese are pretty chill– lots of time is spent simply emailing friends and family. Nothing feels rushed or hurried– unlike US tradition in which you want to eat quickly and efficiently, then hurriedly head house. It really is quite typical to invest only 2 hours at a cafe with a buddy, chatting, and just performing absolutely nothing. Occasionally it makes me personally feel impatient– because i'm like I always should do some thing and be productive. But I am mastering how-to be much better and simply relaxing and taking pleasure in myself.

One thing that does annoy me personally a bit usually everyone at cafes constantly be seemingly on their smart phones. Including, you will notice a lot of individuals hanging out collectively at first, chatting, then instantly everybody retreats within their smart phones. It's quite the paradox to me– why spending some time going on Twitter when you are appropriate across your “real” pals? As your own guideline, I do not check always my smartphone a lot when on with pals (but like everyone else, I succumb to the urge lots).

DSCF8511 cindy-bed DSCF8620 contact-cafe
Interview-Vietnam Culture
Interview-Vietnam Culture
Vietnamese Culture
Vietnamese Culture
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short documentary about Vietnamese culture
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