Vietnam Facts for Kids

June 2, 2017
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Roaming tribes from south China move into an area called the Red River Delta, where many Indonesian individuals are currently residing. Together, they form the first ancestors of today's Vietnamese folks.

207 B.C.

A Chinese general establishes the separate kingdom of Nam-Viet. It is contains what is now northern Vietnam and parts of south China.

111 B.C.

The rulers of Asia's Han dynasty conquer Nam-Viet and then make it the main Chinese kingdom. Asia rules over the Vietnamese for longer than 1, 000 many years afterward. As they are heavily affected by Chinese arts, religions, politics and agriculture, the Vietnamese work hard to preserve their own nationwide identity.


After significantly more than 1, 000 many years in power, Asia withdraws from understanding now north Vietnam, then referred to as Annam. It becomes a completely independent kingdom.


French missionary Alexandre de Rhodes creates initial dictionary for quoc-ngu, a script of Vietnamese still utilized today. The script helped boost literacy prices and distribute Christianity.


Prince Nguyen Anh unites the north, central and south areas of his nation and calls it Vietnam. The prince and emperors which follow establish programs to build brand-new bridges and castles and restore old frameworks.


Angered by Vietnam's roles against business deals and Catholic missionaries, the French launch their particular very first major attack. They fire upon the Vietnamese at port of Danang, a city in main Vietnam.


France takes control over Vietnam. In 1887, it becomes a French colony. The French take charge of Vietnam's farmlands, nutrients along with other normal sources. They also introduce the Vietnamese to European schooling and traditions.


Japan gets control Vietnam during World War II after its friend Germany beats the French. Japan and Germany tend to be later defeated.



Ho Chi Minh, a leader of a kind of federal government labeled as Communism, organizes teams to battle for Vietnam's self-reliance. In a Communist government, a country’s wealth and sources tend to be shared by all people, together with government owns and manages all residential property.


France attempts to restore control of Vietnam. Ho Chi Minh, a Vietnamese Communist, leads a self-reliance motion, called the Vietminh, contrary to the French. Communism is a form of federal government in which a country's sources tend to be provided as well as the federal government manages all residential property; numerous freedoms tend to be limited.


The Vietminh beats the French. Vietnam is split into two zones: the Communist-ruled north and a republic in south. Ho Chi Minh is President of North Vietnam until 1969.


Communists supported by North Vietnam cause dispute in Southern Vietnam. This conflict amongst the two halves of Vietnam marks the start of the Vietnam War.



Trying to stop the spread of Communism, america sends fight soldiers to Vietnam. About 60, 000 American troops and many other things Vietnamese soldiers die when you look at the many years to follow along with. This reduced life sparks anti-war protests all-around The united states.


In response to anti-war feelings, the U.S. signs a comfort accord with North Vietnam. United states soldiers leave Vietnam.


Southern Vietnam surrenders to Communist North Vietnam. North and South Vietnam tend to be united in 1976 under Communist leadership.
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