Vietnam Facts and Figures

December 31, 2016

2, 709, 918American served in consistent in Vietnam.

About 7, 500 American females served in the Vietnam war.

Nearly 2/3 of Americans served in Vietnam were volunteers while 2/3 of men served in World War II had been drafted.

End of War

About 140, 000 civilians and Vietnamese military had been evacuated in April 1975 ahead of the ultimate fall of Saigon.

Around 11 million gallons of Agent Orange had been dispersed in the South Vietnamese landscape during Operation Ranch give.

Around 2 million Southern Vietnamese have relocated towards the United States, Canada, France and Australia since the Fall of Saigon.

Vietnam War Casualties

58, 148 American were killed while about 304, 000 wounded in Vietnam.
So there ended up being 1 casualty out of each and every 10 men served in war.

Around 70% of these killed had been volunteers.

Above 1 million Viet Cong soldiers were killed in Vietnam war.

Almost 5 million Vietnamese civilians had been killed for which Southerners suffered above Northerners. Various other tens of thousands of civilians were additionally killed in Cambodia and Laos.

Age Casualties

62 could be the age of the earliest United states guy killed.

22 was the the common age of the US fighters.
23.11 had been the common age the People in the us killed inside war.

5 United states guys were killed during the age of 16 within the Vietnam War.
61percent of the killed were younger than 21.

11, 465 the type of killed had been more youthful than twenty years old.

17, 539 the type of killed were discovered to be hitched.

Vietnam Veterans

Approximately 75, 000 Vietnam veterans had been seriously handicapped.

23, 214 had been 100percent disabled.

5, 283 missing limbs.

1, 081 suffered several amputations.

Vietnam Veterans at State House

85% of coming back Vietnam veterans effectively modified to civilian life.
91% of Vietnam veterans were glad about their solutions in Vietnam;
74% would provide once again despite understanding the result.

2 Vietnam veterans received Medal of Honor on September 15, 2014 – very nearly 40 years after war. Army Specialist Donald Sloat made the greatest sacrifice in 1970 as he ended up being two decades old while Sgt. 1st course Bennie Adkins apparently killed 175 Viet Cong during their trip of duty in 1966.

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