China helped North Vietnam Vietnam War

January 19, 2018
China 1965

VNal2429.jpg (65831 bytes)The Southern was formally assisted by six No-cost World countries that sent guys, cash and product to support the us government additionally the Army associated with Republic of Vietnam (ARVN). Additionally, a number of other countries sent along tiny contingents of medical, transportation, building along with other professionals. I shall leave it to a Russian to create the story associated with the Communist support. Here we'll talk about and depict the emotional Warfare leaflets and functions used to convince the people associated with the

Republic of

Vietnam that with the aid of their many allies, victory had been guaranteed in full.

Emotional warfare makes use of various motifs to destroy the enemy’s self-confidence in ultimate triumph. One of many significant themes associated with United states and Vietnamese PSYOP professionals during Vietnam War ended up being the overwhelming strength and power of

Vietnam and its particular allies. These leaflets enforce that motif, showing the enemy that many nations all around the world is on the side of


It is hard understand in the event that variety of maximum troop strength and fatalities are accurate, and do vary relating to origin, but according to formal statistics, the figures for maximum Allied forces throughout the Vietnam War are: the usa - 543, 400 soldiers deployed and 57, 702 deaths; South Korea - 48, 869 soldiers implemented and 4, 407 fatalities; Thailand - 11, 568 troops deployed and 350 fatalities; Australian Continent - 7, 672 soldiers implemented and 520 fatalities and

AustraliaFlag.gif (1428 bytes)New Zealand – 550 troops deployed and 35 deaths. Taiwan quietly deployed 31 soldiers and

Spain deployed another 13, neither nation losing any of its people.

Philippine President Ferdinand Marcos requested Congressional approval to send a combat engineer battalion to South Vietnam in February 1966 after the federal government of South Vietnam requested the Philippine federal government for help. This power ultimately totaled significantly more than 2, 000 men. Marcos said your Philippines had a long-standing dedication to SEATO, that could not any longer be ignored. The Philippines were typically anti-Communist and faced a sudden threat during those times through the Hukbalahap (pro-Communist) guerrillas within the Philippines itself. This might have added to Marcos’ rationale for commitment to South Vietnam.

John R. Campbell, a civil mental warfare advisor in

Vietnam from 1965 to 1967 claims concerning the Filipinos in tend to be we Winning? Are they Successful: A Civilian Advisor’s Reflections on Wartime

Vietnam, Creator House, 2004:

aussie725a.jpg (35098 bytes)…A number of Filipinos which, on top of other things, manned much of our communication system and had been a mystical source of exceptional brought in Filipino beer, reportedly in exchange for a few stray United states armed forces vehicles now and then.


Vietnam had a maximum force of 1, 048, 000 and destroyed 185, 528 soldiers.

Leaflet 2429

This leaflet portrays a chart around the globe challenging nations assisting the

Vietnam. The text on front is in component:


Into the challenge against Communist aggressors, the South Vietnamese individuals have been wholeheartedly helped by 31 nations of the no-cost World in several aspects including financial, army, agriculture, medicine, knowledge, etc.

The rear is all text and listings the nations aiding the Vietnamese:

Afghanistan, Australia, Belgium, Brazil, Canada, Asia, Denmark, Ecuador, Germany, Greece, Guatemala, Honduras, Iran, Italy, Japan, Korea, Laos, Liberia, Luxembourg, Malaysia, Netherlands, New Zealand, Philippines, Spain, Thailand, Tunisia, Chicken, Great Britain, Uruguay, Venezuela, United States.

Getting the wholehearted help of this peace-loving countries in the world, we're going to undoubtedly win. The Communists will surely be beaten.

Australian Continent

Leaflet 2725 Front Side

This leaflet portrays an Australian nurse looking after a Vietnamese client and crates of milk sent from

Australia. The writing states in part:

An Australian nursing assistant is inquiring in regards to the health problems of a child client.

Huge number of situations of sweetened-condensed milk when it comes to newly-born children.

Leaflet 2725 Straight Back

The written text states in part:

Well-drilling devices are delivered because of the Australian individuals increase the lifestyle circumstances of the people associated with the

This leaflet was later on reprinted as 2725T and dropped over North Vietnamese soldiers decreasing the Ho Chi Minh Trail.

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