Vietnam War hospitals

February 26, 2017
Nurse Corps formed up in ranks

two Helgoland nurses with a Vietnamese son or daughter. (Photo: DRK-Archiv)Passengers had previously been capable of finding laughing children and enjoyable times aboard the pleasure vessel "Helgoland." The 1963-built vessel transported delighted tourists from north German port town of Cuxhaven toward area of Helgoland. Stressed-out city slickers desired the watercraft to simply take all of them towards famous chalk high cliffs, in which they might relax. However the Helgoland's days as a pleasure vessel had been visiting an end. Shortly, the tiny ship will have a much more severe function.

In 1966, the "Helgoland" left for her longest journey however. The goal, about 12, 000 kilometers (7500 miles) away: Southern Vietnam. A violent civil war between communists and anti-communists was indeed raging in the nation for years. Soon, communist North Vietnam additionally the United States got included besides. The Us americans' entry into the war place pressure on the German government. The united states held insisting on assistance from their particular Western German allies. The German reaction was the implementation associated with the "Helgoland." In a rush, the German Red Cross had transformed the ship into a hospital ship, as bought because of the German federal government.

Under security of this Geneva Convention

In place of tourists, there have been ten doctors and 30 nurses up to speed from the German Red Cross. Some 150 beds and three working rooms were setup over the boat's 92 meters (300 legs). There is even an effective laboratory.

Final resort for civilians: Two "Helgoland" nurses with a Vietnamese youngster

The "Helgoland" achieved the South Vietnamese money Saigon in September 1966, shielded by mine-detection vessels. Nevertheless health practitioners and nurses were not ready the horrors that have been awaiting them. As soon as the very first wounded civilians were brought on board, the German medics were surprised. "We just cried, " one nurse stated. The last harbor the "Helgoland" in Vietnam had been the city of Da Nang, close to the war. Only civilians had been treated agreeable, no troops. Considering that the ship ended up being under defense of Geneva Conventions, it absolutely was considered strictly basic.

"We never ever asked where they originated from"

The floating hospital was many modern center in every of Vietnam. Medical care in the nation ended up being a tragedy; there was only 1 physician per 17, 000 folks. Word got around rapidly the German ship spelled salvation for the ill and wounded. The Vietnamese called the "Helgoland" the "white ship of hope." The staff helped everybody, whichever side they might happen on. "We never requested where they originated from, " the chief physician aboard the "Helgoland" recalled. On top of that, treatment included arrived for free.

When it comes to doctors and nurses, working with the numerous civilian clients ended up being a huge challenge actually and mentally. They amputated limbs almost all the time from kids, people, whose feet were torn to shreds by mines, who had been wounded by gunshots or who had bad Napalm burns off on their bodies. During the night, the "Helgoland" left its harbor for the safer open sea. Surgeries still-continued.

Cong Hoa Hospital Burn Ward, Saigon, Republic of Vietnam
Cong Hoa Hospital Burn Ward, Saigon, Republic of Vietnam ...
Field Hospital for Vietnam War: MUST: Medical Unit Self
Field Hospital for Vietnam War: MUST: Medical Unit Self ...
Cong Hoa Hospital Burn Ward, Saigon - Vietnam War (1971)
Cong Hoa Hospital Burn Ward, Saigon - Vietnam War (1971)
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