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September 9, 2017
Salazar served in Vietnam

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"Like a lot of my other veterans, i've experienced the consequences of PTSD since coming back from Vietnam in 1970. Inside and out of therapy for fifteen years, I finally accepted that PTSD ended up being destroying my life. I needed assistance, We needed seriously to return to that spot where all of it started...Vietnam. The help I needed came by means of TOP Vietnam Veterans. This Veterans business made it feasible for me to go back to Vietnam, plus in doing this, I happened to be empowered to turn the web page, and acquire on with my life. I have come back to where it started. I will be again a complete individual."

Rick L.
Vietnam veteran, Army

Some Vietnam veterans have problems with PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder) and other ongoing aftereffects of the Vietnam war. Time for Vietnam, of these veterans, is an important help their particular data recovery.

Vietnam veteran comes back to Hill 42 inside Central Highlands, perhaps not definately not Dak To. Old foxholes are nevertheless truth be told there.

View of "Charlie Hill" from what
was once the Dak To airstrip.

Vietnam veteran returns to Hill 42
within the Central Highlands, perhaps not far from
Dak To. Old foxholes are nevertheless there.

"The day-to-day group meetings at the conclusion of daily had been necessary and effective. Throughout the journey each veteran was spotlighted and his section of solution ended up being visited. Psychological needs were carefully fulfilled."

Ken R.
Tucson, AZ, Army Inspect.

Veterans be involved in humanitarian jobs close by in which they as soon as served and close to places in Vietnam which are individually vital that you them.

Witnessing Vietnam as a country, perhaps not a war:

Veterans today walk the streets, countryside, and beaches in comfort.

The A Shau Valley today-
peaceful and stunning.

Checking out Nha Trang along
the ocean by night.

Rhythmic surf at pristine Bong Son beach,
erases footprints and old memories,
and leaving solitude and relaxation.

TOP Reunites Old Friends

Thomas, Vietnam veteran, reunites with a today adult former orphan he previously satisfied into the 1960's.

Retired Lt. Colonel, Ken, returned with TOP to Vietnam in search of five Vietnamese pals he served with. His quest was successful. Right here he could be pictured with ex-Colonel Ve, (Ken), and previous Captain Bong. Review their powerful story.

"Since my visit to Vietnam, the old images associated with for the war remain beside me, but have actually notably faded as they are placed into yesteryear. Today when I think of Vietnam, i've new images: smiling kids, delighted faces, a beautiful country, the folks are in serenity. It will make my heart feel well."

Steve S.

The A Shau Valley today-peaceful and beautiful. checking out Nha Trang over the sea by night. Ascending Marble
Hill. Rhythmic search at pristine Bong Son coastline,  erases footprints and old thoughts,  and making solitude and relaxation.
Vietnam Vets Reunion
Vietnam Vets Reunion
Vietnam Veterans Day
Vietnam Veterans Day
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