Dress of Vietnam

September 18, 2017
Dress of Vietnam)
woman in Vietnam dress Ao Dai

Áo Dài, the Vietnamese old-fashioned dress

Ao Dai is a normal wear Vietnam. It's also symbolic of Vietnam. Once you hear about Vietnam, absolutely you are going to read about Ao Dai (Áo Dài in vietnamese). Ao dai today is quite favored by different designs and colors. Ao dai is created like this 襖長 in chữ Nôm - the old sorts of writing of Vietnam.

History of Ao Dai (Áo Dài)

In Reality, nobody knows the original history of Ao Dai (Áo Dài). There clearly was no proof which claims about where when the Ao Dai appeared. At the start, we do not know very well what was the actual design of Ao Dai. Scientists reveal the Ao Dai (Áo Dài) stared become wore thousand years back.

The King Nguyễn Phúc Khoát had been thought to be somebody who discovered making the áo dài have actually its type. Until sixteenth century, Vietnam was however impacted by Chinese culture including clothes. Maintain Vietnamese's tradition, Nguyễn Phúc Khoát said in just one of their "law" about the design of Vietnamese's clothing that has been comparable to Ao Dai these days. Because of that reason, Nguyễn Phúc Khoái could be the one who began the real history of Ao Dai (Áo Dài).

Girl pupils with Aodai, the Vietnamese dressVietnamese men and women wore Ao Dai until 1947 when Vietnam got the liberty as well as the government had the promotion: diệt giặc đói, giặc dốt (fight poverty and illiteracy). On Match 20, 1947, Ho Chi Minh (Hồ Chí Minh) typed "Đời Sống Mới" (New Life) and told men and women should stop putting on Ao Dai since it took more material than normal clothes and it was not convenient for folks to move, or even to work. When we wore regular clothing, we'd saved 200 million đồng/ 12 months. Most people joined this promotion and Ao Dai was not wore in North for quite some time.

Le Mur

Le Mur ended up being the name of Ao Dai (Áo Dài), interpretation from Vietnamese into French. Le Mur had been a unique form of Ao Dai, which was created by an artist known as Cát Tường in 1930. There were many changes in this style and to be "fashionable" Le Mur Ao Dai needed to be wore with white pants, high heels, umbrella and bag. People don't take this change.

Weddding yellow Ao with capUp to 1934, Lê Phổ, another artist made this new design for Ao Dai (Áo Dài) from Le Mur and traditional Ao Dai (which had four or five pieces). From right here, Ao Dai had been with 2 pieces, tightened your body and closed at the neck. This was an ideal design that most the ladies at that time liked it also it became the only real fundamental design for Ao Dai.


Miniraglan ended up being the kind of Ao Dai (Áo Dài) for female pupils. With this design, the length of Ao Dai ended up being only in the knees while the jeans were loser. The pupils would feel convenient with this specific design while the Ao Dai additionally made the students be lovely.

Woman pupils with Aodai, the Vietnamese dress

At the end of the season 1958, Mrs. Trần Lệ Xuân developed another design for áo dài which the throat ended up being around throat (cổ thuyền). Men and women usually labeled as it "áo dài Trần Lệ Xuân or áo dài Mrs. Nhu". Some experts said this Ao Dai (Áo Dài) had not been appropriate custom and custom in Vietnam. However, it had been popular and it is however used as yet. Mrs. Trần Lệ Xuân passed away at 2AM, April 24, 2011 in Rome, Italy whenever she was 87 years of age.

Ao Dai in Vietnamese college. Students with AodaiAo Dai (Áo Dài) A symbol of Vietnam:

In a different way from kimono or hanbok, Ao Dai (Áo Dài) is wore in lots of occasions, not merely old-fashioned instances. We make use of it at your workplace or in school as uniform. We use it going on or even to maintain manner programs. Particularly in marriage, we now have a type of cap to go with it.

Weddding yellow Ao with cap. Yellow Vietnam dress

Ao Dai (Áo Dài) is an original design which both respectful and charming. It reflects the human body of the individual which wears it. The slice of 2 pieces has reached the waist, helping to make the ladies an easy task to move. The materials is silk, so that the human body is in the soft product making ladies be more feminine.

As mentioned before, Ao Dai (Áo Dài) reflects your body associated with person who wears it, so each Ao Dai is simply appropriate only one individual. We can't make one Ao Dai for many individuals. It can be, nonetheless it won't be breathtaking. When coming up with an Ao Dai (Áo Dài), the tailor needs the dimension very carefully. One wrong dimension will destroy the good thing about Ao Dai.

Ao Dai these days

Using the develop of this nation and progress of this fashion, Ao Dai (Áo Dài) normally created. Ao Dai is more fashionable and more popular.

Ao Dai in Vietnamese school. Pupils with Aodai

Stunning girl using Vietnamese conventional gown Ao Dai. District 7 of Ho Chi Minh City (Saigon), Vietnam

On top of that, tourists who want to make Ao Dai (Áo Dài) when they're in Vietnam, they may be able visited numerous shops in Ho Chi Minh town, Hue (Huế), Hoi An (Hội An) and Hanoi (Hà Nội). Those stores will make Ao Dai rapidly, only 1 time.
Traditional Dress of Chinese , Japanese & Vietnamese
Traditional Dress of Chinese , Japanese & Vietnamese
Traditional dress of Vietnam - Ao Dai
Traditional dress of Vietnam - Ao Dai
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