Vietnam Schools

January 15, 2017
Building schools in rural
rebuilt schools produce eager pupils

After that, imagine all of them in clean, large college structures, with electricity and plumbing work.

Vietnam once boasted a literacy rate of 90 per cent. It is a nation where knowledge is extremely appreciated and also the educational aspirations of girls are as important as those of boys. Schools are vital foundations for a secure, calm, prosperous future.

"Our objective is always to build as many seats in brand-new modern schools as you can find brands on Vietnam Veterans Memorial."

In cooperation with Vietnamese officials and with the assistance of corporations and individuals across the world, the Vietnam Children’s Fund has-been creating schools since 1994. Performing closely with every neighborhood, phoning upon regional artisans and making use of readily available materials, VCF constructs schools being durable, safe, and clean. Because a school will be the just well-built construction in a community, it functions as not just a gathering location for residents it is often the only safe haven from the elements during a natural catastrophe.

VCF takes no federal government funds. Our capital is perhaps all private and comes from individuals, foundations and corporations.


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Ngo 689, Lac Longer Quan Path

Vietnam school gymnastics
Vietnam school gymnastics
VietNAM (School project)
VietNAM (School project)
Rhino - Eco Schools Vietnam
Rhino - Eco Schools Vietnam
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