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July 4, 2015
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LanternsLantern design of the Mid-Autumn Festival in Vietnam

The Mid-Autumn Festival is known as "Têt Trung Thu" in Vietnamese. It is a traditional event when it comes to Vietnamese and in addition known as "kids' Day".

The Meaning of Mid-Autumn Day in Vietnam

The meaning of Mid-Autumn Day is rather different to that in Asia, although Vietnamese also celebrate it by eating mooncakes. In Vietnam the Mid-Autumn Festival may be the happiest time for kids, during which parents purchase their children several types of lanterns and snacks.

As for origin associated with Mid-Autumn Festival in Vietnam, it really is many different from the Chinese legend (Chang E Flying towards the Moon)… Rice is harvested before the 15th of the eighth lunar thirty days (mid-autumn) in Vietnam. Each household after that offers sacrifices on Jesus of Earth. While occupied with harvesting parents haven't much time for you to look after kids, consequently they make complete use of the festival vacation to play along with their young ones.

Just how do Vietnamese Enjoy the Mid-Autumn Festival?

Additionally numerous activities held to commemorate the Mid-Autumn Festival in Vietnam. The main tasks consist of worshiping the God of Earth, and holding carp-shaped lanterns.

Carrying Carp-Shaped Lanterns Worshiping the Jesus of world

Often a worshiping platform is established in yard during Mid-Autumn evening, which mooncakes, fruits, and snacks tend to be set. Later on loved ones sit collectively for eating the foodstuff while appreciating the moon.

The platform isn't removed until midnight, when the food is totally consumed up. Many people additionally arranged a unique platform for kids, so that they can enjoy meals when in the evening.

Holding Carp-Shaped Lanterns is an important customized associated with the Mid-Autumn festival in Vietnam.

Holding Carp-Shaped Lanterns

It is also a tradition for the Vietnamese to light lanterns throughout the Mid-Autumn night. A legend went that a carp character when killed many during Mid-Autumn night, to ensure no family dared go outside that evening.

Later on, a wise man looked at a concept: he made a carp-shaped lantern with a stick with its belly, and then advised individuals to stroll at night with a carp lantern at hand. The carp character ended up being terrified because of the light from the carp-shaped lanterns, and dared maybe not head out to eliminate at Mid-Autumn since that time.

Now children hold several types of paper lanterns and play inside moonlight, while consuming mooncakes during the night of Mid-Autumn Day.

Other Activities

Furthermore, a number of interesting literary and art activities are held throughout Vietnam throughout the Mid-Autumn Festival, and supplying sacrifices to dragons, dragon ship events, lion dances, and lantern fairs, including much luster into event.

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