Transportation Methods

April 1, 2014
As nations seek to stabilize

Cover imageExpanded polystyrene (EPS) geofoam is an ultra-light geosynthetic frequently incorporated in transport infrastructure to lessen horizontal and vertical stresses enforced on hidden pipeline and culvert methods. This report summarizes EPS embankment and cover configurations recently implemented in roadway and railway methods to guard hidden conveyances that traverse under or through these transport systems. They're: (1) light-weight embankments, (2) imperfect trenches, (3) slot-trench address systems and (4) post and ray cover systems. Additionally highlighted is research recently performed to produce a slot-trench address system built to protect buried, high-strength metal pipelines from potential rupture caused by straight permanent surface deformation (e.g., tectonic faulting). Laboratory and full-scale examinations and numerical modeling were performed to produce and apply the concept. The results associated with evaluation system tv show that EPS geofoam blocks can be utilized as a light-weight, slot-trench cover system in urban roadways to protect buried high-strength metallic pipelines threatened by prospective rupture caused by faulting, or any other types of permanent floor deformation.


  • Geosynthetic;
  • Geofoam;
  • Light-weight fill;
  • Pipeline;
  • Culvert;
  • Faulting;
  • Settlement hotel granite cabinet tops granite cabinet tops.

Carpool Day Alternative Transportation Methods
Carpool Day Alternative Transportation Methods
MODI Method Tutorial (Transportation Method) BSBM A31 AM
MODI Method Tutorial (Transportation Method) BSBM A31 AM
Transportation Method stepping stone
Transportation Method stepping stone
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