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January 3, 2017

Tet holidays are the times of relaxation, joy and happiness. And similar to pine-tree for Christmas vacation in the West, Vietnamese also make use of many kinds of blossoms and flowers to enhance their property inside special period. Some names may be listed away: Chrysanths, marigold, Mao Ga flower, paperwhite flower, lavender, among others. Many people nowadays even use orchid and rose, although this just isn't yet popular. And above all, you can find 3 kinds of flowers that can never be missing in Tet holidays: peach rose, ochna integerrima and marumi kumquat.

The busy scene of rose market near Tet times can bring on both pleasure and nostalgia

Peach flower and marumi kumquat are familiar when you look at the North while Southern folks prefer ochna itegerrima for Tet vacations. Another reason could be the faculties associated with the plants. While marumi kumquat and peach trees grow well in cold weather, ochna integerrima simply may survive in exotic lands with a lot of sunlight.

Watch our movie: Tet's tints brighten up Northern Highland

People in 2 various areas of Vietnam have numerous explanations for this custom. North folks say that peach plants blossom in springtime – during Tet holiday breaks while most various other blossoms however remain quiet, symbolizing the powerful vitality and a brave heart. More over, the red color of peach flowers reveals the love and happiness distribute among people in this unique time of the year. Peach flower has actually 2 types: light peach with light pink colour and Nhat Tan – Ha Noi’s niche peach with dark green colour (nearly red).

Peach flower - peaceful and stylish

Marumi kumquat holds various tale. A tree with 5 traits: filled with fruits, flowers, leaves, branches and roots is a symbol for wealth and happiness for new year. The strategies for picking a beneficial plant tend to be created appropriately: the tree need both ready and green fruits, mature leaves and brand new bud - which signifies wide range and luck taken to the family in new-year.

Vietnamese Kumquat for Tet

Kumquat - fortunate and fruitful

The ochna integerrima inside South has actually another definition. The golden-yellow of the flower means the noble roots of Vietnamese (folktales stated the ancestors of Vietnamese is a couple of dragon and fairy). Besides, the higher rate of bloom of this flower in Tet holiday breaks in addition symbolizes the wide range and passionate love among men and women.

Hoa mai (ochna integerrima) - brilliant and shining

Vietnamese typically purchase those special flowers from lunar mid-December through the rose market (some also make an effort to have peach rose branches/trees through the hills due to the impressive vigor) and keep them until lunar mid-January for the new-year. Some families keep the limbs to the end regarding the lunar January.

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