Airlines to Vietnam

August 8, 2016


  • Introduction, Positioning Flight to nyc, and also the Hilton JFK
  • British Airways First-class Lounge, New York JFK
  • Cathay Pacific First Class, Nyc JFK – Hong Kong
  • The Pier First Class Lounge and Cathay Pacific Business Class, Hong Kong – Ho Chi Minh City
  • Meal at Pho Hoa, Ho Chi Minh City
  • Vietnam Airlines Business Class, Ho Chi Minh City – Danang
  • Hyatt Regency Danang Resort & Spa
  • Vietnam Airlines Economy, Danang – Siem Reap
  • Park Hyatt Siem Reap
  • Angkor Wat and Other Temples
  • Dragonair Business Class, Siem Reap – Hong-kong
  • Turbojet, Hong Kong Airport – Macau additionally the Sheraton Macao resort
  • The Venetian, Fernando’s, and the Ferry to Hong Kong
  • Grand Hyatt Hong-kong Harbor View Suite
  • Bo Innovation, Hong Kong
  • Amber Restaurant, Hong Kong
  • Cathay Pacific The Wing First-class Lounge, Hong Kong
  • Cathay Pacific First Class, Hong Kong – New York JFK

The Danang airport is fairly contemporary and brand new, and not nearly because crowded as Ho Chi Minh City.

This trip from Danang, Vietnam to Siem Reap, Cambodia was notable (in my opinion) for two explanations. It was my first-ever time spending inspected baggage charges, therefore ended up being the first-time I was in an airport with a lounge that I'd no use of.

I happened to be on a paid coach violation for $135.

Each trip had its own check-in queue and because the aircraft was going to be a one-class ATR-72 turboprop, there was only an individual line (no significance of an independent company course line).

I got eventually to the front regarding the line, behind a few various other passengers, and additionally they weighed my checked bags. And they insisted on weighing my carryons. Their particular maximum carryon weight is 7kg (~ 15 weight) and my carryons are always over that.

The examined luggage restriction is 20kg ( ~ 44 pounds) which will have-been a lot had they not insisted on examining my rollaboard. But taken together, the bags were across allowance. I happened to be delivered to the pass office 180 levels behind me to spend the case costs. At United States per kilogram I'd to come out-of-pocket . They provided me with a receipt for charge that I then must recreate towards the check-in countertop before receiving boarding passes and baggage claim checks.

I quickly could undergo passport control and safety to the international region of the terminal. There were a couple of shops upstairs, and a restaurant/bar.

My gate was downstairs, as we’d be bused out to the plane.

Downstairs has also been where the lounge was situated. And for the first-time i might stare at the entrance of a lounge, with no right of accessibility.

I happened to be a coach passenger, flying without status on any Skyteam flight, and incapable of unlock the doorways with either my United states Express Platinum card or concern Pass (or Lounge Club) card.

I became yes wishing I had found a Skyteam condition match since the extra baggage allowance could have saved real money, and I also might have had lounge accessibility — not too I essential a lounge for a brief hold off. The terminal was fine, and I also that is amazing the lounge itself had beenn’t impressive. Nevertheless this is a predicament I became greatly not really acquainted with!

None the less i did son’t must wait long for boarding and being bused out to the aircraft.

We managed to make it out to the aircraft and I also started initially to believe, I’m traveling this internationally? It’s a 345 mile journey, blocked at 2 hours 25 mins, considering that the ATR-72 isn't a tremendously fast aircraft.

We boarded the aircraft from the back stairs making our solution to leading regarding the aircraft — I had row 1, bulkhead, which would offer a bit of additional legroom much less of a sense of becoming in the midst of an airplane high in individuals. (I actually such as the impression of sitting in the front of airplane rather than seeing everybody behind myself. I find it less stressful, then again I’m an introvert and large groups of folks are not soothing for me personally.)

As soon as onboard there clearly wasn’t much of a hold off to have underway. Individuals were sitting rapidly and there were no departure delays.

As soon as we were airborne the flight attendant had the plane providing a boxed treat. Perhaps not the best, but this is coach on a prop plane and a sub-400 mile trip so that it was nevertheless relatively impressive.

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