Travel to Vietnam from Singapore

April 1, 2018
Here are the information on the complete travel including my itinerary and accommodation locations.

Day 1
Journey to Hanoi via Singapore Changi international airport 1 by Jetstar. The passes basically did not recalled wrongly had been about $200 per individual. Going date ended up being someplace on the 3rd few days of December really near to Christmas time so i guess the seats were a tad bit more high priced.

Attained the airport and hotel staff ended up being truth be told there to select united states up. I experienced organized this solution beforehand aided by the resort. Believed that this could be a good choice since i got cheated by taxis in Vietnam before. Lesson was learnt.

The resort we stayed in was known as Hanoi charming hotel. Price was just USD23 per room per night. Reasonable priced i would state. It's a rather small resort in another of the small alleys in Hanoi. Minus the airport pick-up service, i don't think I will be capable find the hotel myself. Staff had been extremely friendly into the resort. All of the motels i stay in Vietnam have friendly staffs. That is my knowledge up to now. Hotel rooms were neat and every thing was in good shape. They've air conditioning with heating abilities. It is needed whenever weather converts rather cool especially in December. There was clearly one night it had been only 9 degrees Celsius.

The easy space in Hanoi Charming Hotel

Day 2 & 3
Happen to be Halong Bay each morning for a 2 day one-night cruise in Halong bay it self. The journey to Halong bay from resort took about 4 hours. After we get to truth be told there, the view is spectacular. I could see numerous small mountain like construction protruding from the bay. The cruise we took is Dragon cruise.

Even as we set out regarding the cruise deeper in to the bay, the view is even more energizing.

A normal cruise ship that sails in Halong Bay

If you visit North Vietnam via Hanoi, be sure to see Halong Bay. It's undoubtedly really worth the trip. Halong bay normally one of the UNESCO globe history website. When it comes to 2 days one night, the cruise brings united states to various attractions within the bay in addition. We went to caverns, fish farms plus had a kayaking program in Halong Bay. The waters you can find really calm so it does not cause any ill unwell sensation or whatsoever. All meals are provided on the cruise itself.

The cave I went to in Halong Bay

Time 3 & 4
On time 3 mid-day, the cruise came ultimately back to land and we also had been driven back into Hanoi to get ready the night train to Sapa. The train is a sleeper train this means there have been beds inside cabins. Journey from Hanoi to Sapa was around 8 hours. Its rather a bumpy trip when I think the trains you will findn't so advance. Its quite a old standard train which you'll simply be capable see in 80s. Overall it had been an excellent knowledge.

The sleeper train cabin with 4 beds

The surface of the train. Very old and traditional.

On time 4 morning, we arrived at the stop near Sapa. There was a mini bus to take united states around the hill places. The drive ended up being about 1 hour plus if I did not remember wrongly. When I got out of the mini coach, the first thing I noticed ended up being the cold weather. It absolutely was so cool and I also did not prepare myself acceptably. We moved directly in the hotel lobby for checl in and breakfast. Luckily for us there was heater during the resort lobby. This resort is called Dang Trung hotel. It absolutely was a french style building. The actual only real bad thing about this hotel will there be ended up being no heater inside rooms! So its not recommended during cold seasons like December. They just had electrical heat mats from the beds and a fireplace. These had to be purchased at added cost. I do believe the fireplace is fairly cool though. We purchesed some timber and burn off it within the hearth in my own area. However the cool was however so incredibly bad that after awhile, the warmth for the fire faded down. I forgot to mention the heat. It absolutely was 3 levels Celsius during the lowest. Can you imagine residing this temperature without a heater? Totally unbearable. Needless to say during the night will still be in a position to rest using the heated bedrooms.

The tranquil feeling of Sapa

The complete of day 4 ended up being used on monitoring into the terraced rice areas. The easy life, the ragged landscapes had been all really worth the monitoring. We monitored for pretty much 5 hours. Walking and admiring the sceneries plus the simple life of the minority tribes in Sapa. The monitoring is difficult and some roadways tend to be dirty. You need a specific standard of physical fitness to complete it. Do observe that.

Monitoring in to the terraced rice fiields

Much more terraced rice industries

It had been so cool so it turned really foggy

The minority tribes leading united states from the monitoring road

There was clearly a town we decided to go to where we saw numerous young ones playing in the fields and were all dressed up in torn and dirty clothing with mud around themselves. But they appear therefore happy and enjoying their particular enjoyable. Its a joy to see this picture.

Kids playing when you look at the villages

More children playing. Glance at the tough but simple environment they are now living in

Day 5

It was Christmas time! More monitoring but now its to a nearer town. Only 2 hours walk-on typical roads. After that we returned to Sapa town and visited the area marketplace plus spend the remaining portion of the time soothing inside rooms in hotels as we had been exhausted from most of the hiking.

Waterfall on 2nd day tracking

After having adequate remainder, we sought out during the night after dinner to take a walk. There have been some overall performance at their little regional chapel and crowds of people were gathered here. We joined into view the overall performance and paid attention to the Christmas carols. Standing call at the cold and enjoying the carols helps it be sense like xmas.

So many people playing xmas Carols

Later on during the night, we strolled back into our hotel. Along the way back, there were some road stalls attempting to sell barbecue products. It was really appealing to possess some barbeque within cold temperatures. We gave in and set-down near the charcoal stoves for a few barbecue chicken wings, satays an such like.

Afterwards, we went back towards the resort together with hotel owner ended up being kind adequate to provide us some red wine. We put in the lobby sipping the red wine and speaking with the hotel owner. Every thing just seems much like Christmas. It was definitely one of the very most unforgettable Christmas We ever had.

Day 6
Each day, the mini coach came to pick united states up after we checked out resort. This time we will another local marketplace. Inside marketplace, they sell sets from real time birds, to dogs to ponies to buffaloes. All had been on show there for folks to decide on. Its a rare scene which I'll not be in a position to see in Singapore. Oh and North Vietnam sells dog beef also. Its every where inside their markets so don't let yourself be astonished because of it. I guess its appropriate for them to consume puppies.

They were attempting to sell puppies

Live chicken on the market

Attempting to sell buffaloes too

The minority tribes within their colourful traditional costumes selling stuffs

Following the market journey, the bus took us to a different village at a diminished part of Sapa.

Saw much more kids playing

At night, we took the night train back. Exact same sleeper train to invest the evening from the train.

Day 7
Arrived in Hanoi early in the morning at about 5:30am. One through the travel agency stumbled on choose us up and drove united states to our hotel. I remained back at Hanoi charming hotel. Whilst had not been sign in time however, we're able to maybe not check in however the resort staff was kind adequate to let's have an area within their sister resort only next door therefore we might get some rest.

Spent other day in Hanoi. Had some fish during the night there.

Day 8
Spent all of those other day in Honoi before continuing returning to airport for the journey back into Singapore at about 4pm.

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