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November 26, 2015
In Vietnam Expo 2012

PhotoSigning Ceremony

1. On March 22, the Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA) signed japan ODA Loan agreements totaling as much as 175.025 billion yen (eleven loan agreements altogether) using the Government for the Socialist Republic of Vietnam.

2. Vietnamese economic climate has demonstrated steady growth because the 1990s (research (1)). The united states has actually effectively decreased impoverishment, while attaining its national goal which is designed to come to be a lower middle-income group nation (Reference (2): Its poverty price reduced from 37.4% in 1998 to 10.4per cent this year.). In 2015, tariff obstacles are planned become eliminated within the ASEAN region. The country has got to enhance environment for businesses and assets and improve intercontinental competition, through architectural reform of its economic climate and administration, including improvement associated with financial system as well as infrastructures, being consistently achieve its financial growth and mid and lasting macroeconomic stability. At precisely the same time, the country needs to answer the weaknesses. It has to increase the earnings of people in rural places, who account for about 70 percent of the many populace in the country and also have the impoverishment price more than compared to the towns, plus to improve sanitary circumstances, that has been worsening alongside its urbanization. In addition has to mitigate the influence of environment change and be much more adaptable to it, since it is called becoming one of the more prone countries to climate improvement in the whole world.

3. Contrary to the backdrop similar to this, these Japanese ODA financial loans aim not just to facilitate development of financial infrastructures in different areas that are vital for strengthening Vietnam's competitiveness, and to guide reform of its guidelines and systems regarding handling of the economic climate, along with to enhance irrigation systems in the rural areas, generate a significantly better metropolitan environment and to market utilization of weather modification measures for the sake of beating its vulnerabilities.

(1) Support for growth of financial infrastructures and reform of policies and methods to improve worldwide competitiveness

Within the roadway sector, we offer assistance to building new high-standard roadways, which connect Noi Bai airport terminal, the gateway on air companies inside capital Hanoi, and the center of Hanoi City, and bridges and approach roads across Red River running through Hanoi City, as well as remodeling and replacing about 80 delicate bridges in the national roads and provincial roads nationwide. (Noi Bai International Airport to Nhat Tan Bridge linking path Construction venture (II), Nhat Tan Bridge (Vietnam-Japan Friendship Bridge) building Project (III), Second Transport Sector Loan for nationwide Road Network Improvement)

Within the railway industry, we support replacement of the seriously the aging process 44 bridges into the Hanoi - Ho Chi Minh City Railway Line which connects Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City (Hanoi - Ho Chi Minh City Railway Line Bridges protection enhancement Project (III)), and building of a railway complex necessary for both brand-new Urban Railway Line 1 that will tell you Hanoi City, therefore the existing railways for guests and cargo. (Hanoi City Urban Railway Construction Venture (Line 1) Stage I - Ngoc Hoi Complex(I))

PhotoIn the port industry, we help improvement a deep liquid slot that can easily be accessed by huge boats in Ba Ria–Vung Tau Province inside South (near Ho Chi Minh City). (Cai Mep - Thi Vai Global Port Construction Project (II))

In the power industry, we offer support to building an innovative new gas oil-/gas-fired power plant inside Mekong Delta region, south Vietnam. (O Mon Thermal Power-plant Unit No.2 Construction Project (II))

Aside from the enhancement among these infrastructures, we support multiple reform of policies and methods, like stabilization for the economic sector, improvement of financial control, administrative reform, enhancement of management of state-owned companies, improvement of general public opportunities and improvement business environment, through plan dialogues and others. (Economic Management and Competitiveness Credit(I))

(2) help for beating the vulnerabilities

In Vietnam, the people inside rural areas accounts for about 70 % of the many population in the united states, and its own poverty rate exceeds compared to the urban areas. Consequently, it really is an important concern to improve the earnings of citizens within the rural places, through increasing agricultural manufacturing. Being fix this dilemma, we support improving the big irrigation methods in Nghe An Province within the North Central, and development of training centers to boost the capability to preserve and manage the irrigation equipment. (North Nghe An Irrigation System Upgrading Venture)

While Vietnam moved through rapid financial development and urbanization, water environment in Hanoi City, including streams, waterways, lakes and groundwater, happens to be dealing with hefty air pollution load. Therefore, currently help to building sewerage systems including a largest sewage plant in Hanoi City for the densely inhabited town center. (Hanoi City Yen Xa Sewerage Program Venture (I))

Also, Vietnam has actually a very long coastline extending approximately 3, 400 kilometers and a massive delta location. Its considered to be perhaps one of the most prone countries to climate change. Thus, we support the national of Vietnam in its policy-making and implementation of weather modification steps, through plan dialogues as well as others. (Support system to Respond to Climate Change (III))

4. JICA continues to offer nimble help for Vietnam's development dilemmas, while pursuing built-in implementation of an array of ODA schemes, such as Japanese ODA Loans, technical cooperation and grant help.

1. Growth overall performance of Vietnam

(Origin) Prepared in line with the IMF World Economic Outlook Database

2. Poverty Prices of Vietnam

(Origin) Prepared in line with the Vietnam life guidelines research

3. Quantities and problems of loans

Venture name Amount (million yen) Yearly interest rate (%) Repayment (years) Grace stage (years) Procurement
Project Consulting services
(1) Noi Bai International Airport to Nhat Tan Bridge Connecting path Construction venture (II) 11, 537 1.4 0.01 30 10 General untied
(2) Nhat Tan Bridge (Vietnam-Japan Friendship Bridge) Construction Venture (III) 15, 637 0.2 40 Japan tied up
(3) Second Transport Sector Loan for Nationwide Path Network Enhancement 24, 771 emergency vet near me. Veterinarian clinic emergency vet.

Injection piling - Pile No. 1 @ TMR-Vietnam - Hanoi
Injection piling - Pile No. 1 @ TMR-Vietnam - Hanoi
Construction Noise in Saigon (January, 2012)
Construction Noise in Saigon (January, 2012)
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