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April 18, 2017
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Yesterday, OneVietnam Network requested our followers about their opinions with regards to Vietnamese females. We received some positive responses in addition to several unfavorable people. But some fans have directed it that such a question ended up being rather silly. Currently, i'm nevertheless interested in the reason why behind that statement and would like to see things from male point of view about Vietnamese ladies. Until I get an opportunity to understand the real dilemmas, i shall continue steadily to ask another “silly” concern: think about Vietnamese males – exactly what are your impressions?

This short article generalize my viewpoint about Vietnamese guys, and you may get very own opinions as you like. Just leave a comment. There are not any haters right here!

It is very debateable that Vietnamese literature only extremely regards Vietnamese ladies, yet not men. When a bit of work mentions some noble Vietnamese man (e.g: a king, a hero, or a legendary personality), the author only sugarcoats the attributes and characters of the certain individual. I've however to see or review any writing that praises Vietnamese men generally. Tend to be we truly that bad? Really, let’s dissect this topic collectively.

A Bunch of Lazy Bums…

Indeed, together with my listing is laziness. Anytime I ask a Vietnamese feminine about what they think of Vietnamese males or their very own males, probably the most most likely answer i might get is “Lazy bums! They never ever do anything!” Wow! Indeed!

But I think it is just true for many guys in Vietnam which live-in the urban centers. The majority of them basically do-nothing. Their particular spouses take care of almost everything in the home, from preparing, to cleaning, to taking care of kids — despite extended hours in the office. These men usually spend their life consuming alcohol due to their friends and speaking loudly about random topics the whole day. Obviously, there are exceptions; you can find males whom in fact work hard and generally are goal-oriented.

There are two main what to blame the dilemma of guys becoming sluggish bums: (1) old-fashioned Vietnamese culture has imprinted in their brains the theory that “Husband may be the King, Wife could be the Slave”. This idea was created whenever males was previously the main providers of this family members, offering him all abilities inside your home. However, as society modernized, it is way more hard for men become the only real providers within the family members. It has required women to the workforce, but guys are having problems modifying their particular living design to generally share chores in the house. Basically, females have actually moved ahead with modern society while their guys are lagging behind. (2) the 2nd explanation could be explained by the after characteristic.

Big, Big, Big Ego!

Having a pride and feelings of self-importance are now a must for everybody. It keeps us trying for a much better life and an increased status. However, it may be regarded as an Achilles’ heel. A person with too large of an ego can't ever overcome himself. Vietnamese guys typically consider by themselves extremely highly and constantly believe that these are typically more advanced than others. They can't effortlessly take the reality that their particular ladies are better than them. They might rather invest their days outside the residence drinking beer than cleansing a basket of underwear for his or her wife and kids. They want their friends to believe that and even though they're not the key providers regarding the home, they could have the ability; that energy will be proven by the proven fact that they is going ingesting along with their contacts, and somebody else does the dirty work. Their friends are probably on the same motorboat. That is why, they will all compete to see who are able to to use the alcohol store the longest to prove who is more powerful man.

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