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August 11, 2014
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Unanimity to overcome difficulties and move the nation forward: VN President truong tan sang, new-year 2016Another 12 months has passed, another 12 months has arrived. Regarding threshold of this New Year 2016, President Truong Tan Sang granted an interview into hit in regards to the opportunities and difficulties facing the world within the impending time.

Integration for nationwide development

Q: On the threshold regarding the new-year 2016, might you brief us on socio-economic advancements in the past year?

A: 2015, the ultimate year of this nation’s five-year plan (2011-2015), was considered a very hard year, both domestically and regionally. However, using the joint efforts associated with entire celebration, men and women and army, Vietnam however recorded positive results in socio-economic development with a higher economic growth price and macroeconomic stability. Financial potential associated with the country was increasing. Efforts are remarkable and will pave the way for 2016 and subsequent years.

In 2015, Vietnam in addition finalized a series of free-trade agreements bilaterally and multilaterally. From the agreements, the market will increase more, and Vietnam is able to mobilise even more resources and accessibility heightened technologies. But there are still difficulties when it comes to business neighborhood specifically, plus the Vietnamese economy generally speaking. There should be an exceptional work to make best use of brand new options and conquer the difficulties for the next five-year program while 2016 has begun.

Q: Vietnam has actually signed a number of new-generation free trade agreements (FTAs). Could it be true that the united states has entered into much more brutal competition?

A: That’s right. Looking returning to the period prior to the restoration procedure, we saw a closed and separated economy with no integration, which could not develop. Since then, the celebration plus the State have set out the guide and plan on revival, and intercontinental integration to produce the nationwide economic climate. But integration needs competition. Whenever signing FTAs agreements with strict requirements, we have to simply accept competitors at a higher degree. After three decades of Doi Moi (reform), today, aided by the strength associated with country, the experience of management and management associated with celebration and State, as well as the development of Vietnamese business owners, i'm believing that our country's integration cause in the brand new duration will discover fruitful outcomes.

We must get up on our own legs

Q: Opportunities have actually frequently come and gone quickly. When we would you like to understand the opportunity, we must have a specialist condition device and act rapidly. Just what should we do in order to have a state apparatus that can meet the building needs?

A: throughout the integration procedure, in addition to businesses, which are considered directly into the intense competition, state equipment after all amounts tend to be playing a no less crucial role. The competence, quality and dealing form of people servants needs to be raised. The discussion between the condition device anyway amounts and entrepreneurs is essential. What worries united states many now could be that the competition of Vietnamese items is still low versus other nations in your community as well as the world. With brand-new requirements in integration process, difficulties are increased. It is crucial to improve the competition of products, companies and entire economic climate. Combined with the attempts created by enterprises, the State's obligation is huge. Recently, Vietnam did relatively well in institutional development. There are additionally very good results in human resources training, however, some shortcomings stay. We should continue steadily to advertise the improvement, effectiveness, and effectiveness of the State administration, to meet up certain requirements of trade liberalisation and much deeper integration associated with the country.

Q: just what should we do in the next five years to mobilise resources to fulfill development requirements?

A: In order to develop the united states in the framework of integration, there should be close co-ordination between domestic and foreign sources, which domestic sources tend to be decisive, and outside sources are extremely important. Integration needs to be implemented based on financial autonomy. We should stand-on our own feet.

In fact, recently, there's been a rapid increase in exterior resources while domestic sources have seen slow growth. However, this isn't since there is a lack of domestic sources. Domestic resources are huge and tend to be untapped. The nationwide Assembly has recently used laws and regulations requiring ministries and sectors to advertise company freedom in addition to create favourable conditions for organizations. The majority of developed countries count on unique domestic resources. Exterior borrowing from the bank can be designed to augment and exploit internal sources.

The ability to attract external sources normally huge. Into the coming time, the ODA and FDI may nonetheless boost, but we must not all rely on it. Following the 2017-2018 period, the ODA loan rate of interest is going to be completely different because Vietnam need become a middle income nation and will need certainly to take higher rates of interest. Borrowing is essential, however it is not easy to cover. The capability to entice foreign investment is extremely big, however, it should be selective and international financial investment should advertise the commercial restructuring procedure for the united states.

Corruption and waste must certanly be avoided

Q: will it be true that one of the fundamental alterations to adjust to the alterations in resources is anti-wastefulness and exercising thrift?

A: Yes. Together with the requirement of resource mobilisation, the fight against corruption and wastefulness, and practising thrift can also be advocated and a frequent activity of all of the sectors and levels. Corruption and wastefulness minimize investment performance, work high quality as well as the individuals trust in the Party and State. We be concerned that corruption and waste still exist, therefore we should be determined to help Vietnam from the list of nations with a top corruption rate. All resources should obtain due interest with rigid administration, and used in an efficient way. More efforts should be built to fight corruption and wastefulness.

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