Vietnamese Non-verbal Communication

September 6, 2015
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Flipping the middle little finger in the us can often induce a black-eye. Pointing a thumb in the Middle East is equivalent to the American one finger salute. In certain cultures, leg crossing, maintaining attention contact and gum also portray signs of disrespect. It is believed that non-verbal communication talks louder than words, but how powerful is style of interaction?

Chewing betel root spots one's teeth red. A Vietnamese lady shows her dark look after chewing trau-cau over time.

Perhaps one of the most preferred and trusted signs and symptoms of non verbal communication is the look. A grin is symbolic of revealing happiness, admiration and happiness. Its thought that the brighter one's teeth, the prettier the smile. Lots of people under western culture rehearse teeth whitening as a means of boosting dental health and beauty. “Kodak smiles, ” “pearly whites” and “celebrity teeth” tend to be expressions always describe an individual with remarkably white teeth. Nevertheless, inside countrysides of many Asian communities, particularly Vietnam, the opposite technique of teeth blackening can be used for the very same explanations caused by teeth whitening. The question remains: which technique is much better?

For thousands of years, chewing trau-cau features served as a widely practiced Vietnamese customized. “Trau” describes betel, a bittersweet tasting leaf descending from piperaceae tree and “cau, ” or areca-nut as it is generally understood, is a seed descending through the areca palm. When chewed together, the trau-cau mixture releases a flavorful red fluid into the lips which stains one's teeth reddish-brown as time passes. To further the method, some Vietnamese lacquer their teeth jet-black to keep up optimum beauty. This process is most frequently utilized by older females it is additionally practiced by some men and more youthful ladies as well.

"Trau-cau consuming goes back to 2, 879 B.C., during the Hung Kings, ” in accordance with an article through the Vietnam Investment Assessment.

Ohaguro, or tooth-blackening started in Japan in Heian Era and ended up being practiced by many people noblemen of various cultures to symbolize loyalty, honor and control in respect towards Buddhist belief system. It had been thought that black colored was a static shade which aesthetically symbolized strength. Women had ulterior motives for blackening their teeth. Ladies utilized Ohaguro to epitomize their beauty and indicate once they were prepared for marriage. It signified unity and fidelity.

Set alongside the Western civilization in which fluoride functions as absolutely essential to protect teeth's health, trau is still utilized in some Asian rural places to build up fast teeth, good breathing and healthier purple lips.

“Ohaguro had the result of protecting teeth from cavities and periodontitis, ” stated the Japan community of Aesthetic Dentistry, in accordance with the Japan Times.

Some believe this method could potentially prolong lives.

So might be black teeth a lot better than white? In the United States it could be a little difficult to acquire a date with pearly black colored teeth. However, using areas of Vietnam, heart mates are selected by the darkness of their laugh. Consequently, if you don't have actually plans of possibly moving to a rural Vietnam province any time in the future, i suggest choosing white. Since’s putting your hard earned money where the mouth area is!

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