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September 28, 2016
The British International

This college is divided into three campuses in Ho Chi Minh city each using its very own Headteacher. These are generally

  • Tu Xuong Main Campus in District 3
  • An Phu Main Campus in District 2
  • An Phu Secondary Campus in District 2

The college offers a British design training towards international neighborhood of Ho Chi Minh City. Educational success is appreciated very, but it is also belief that all-round development of each child is simply as important. The college is proud to provide a comprehensive extra-curricular programme, and offer a range of possibilities for every child to ensure success. These accomplishments are recognised, praised and celebrated. We offer all staff and pupils first class services resourced into greatest amount. The employees are committed, competent and very committed teachers who make sure the knowledge on offer is amongst the very best available all over the world. Their particular teaching teams are strong and revolutionary, continuously re-visiting methods for bringing the curriculum to life.

The college offers the Early many years Foundation Stage Programme for The united kingdomt, National Curriculum for England for Key Stage 1-3, IGCSE for Key Stage 4 students and also the IB Diploma Programme for Sixth Form. All Major courses tend to be paired so each class has both a Western Teacher and a Vietnamese instructor, but the great majority regarding the training is in English in Secondary courses.

Instructors just who just work at BIS HCMC will encounter a highly expert teaching and understanding environment that is like the UK but additionally quite various.

Building from the popularity of the British Global class in Ho Chi Minh City, the BIS Group of institutes has now exposed an innovative new international college in Hanoi. BIS Hanoi (Vincom Village) - in the Long Bien district.

BIS Hanoi reproduces equivalent high quality worldwide education standard once the well-established BIS in HCMC, supplying a highly skilled British-style education in top class services resourced toward greatest amount. The nationwide Curriculum for The united kingdomt, IGCSE and A Levels tend to be taught to English-speaking students from pre-school to Year 13. The college offer the IB Diploma Programme from August 2016

Sajojo Indonesian Dance by British International School
Sajojo Indonesian Dance by British International School ...
British International School Vietnam: The Firedrill
British International School Vietnam: The Firedrill
British International School Vietnam advert
British International School Vietnam advert
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