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April 10, 2016
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Alain Nguyen

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"definitely recommendable: not merely performed we find a very good locations going call at HCMC, but additionally great people and expats to generally meet with. "

Vietnam at a Glance

Are you currently contemplating moving to Vietnam? After that see the InterNations Expat Guide on Vietnam to learn more about essential topics for expatriates, like visa categories and work licenses, location and environment, expat-friendly destinations, and getting around in this fascinating nation.

Vietnam has a lot to offer to its site visitors: urban facilities and beautiful surroundings, big mountain ranges and lengthy exercises of shoreline. Most expatriates, but tend to be drawn to the towns and cities, where foreign businesses start their part workplaces and where jobs are easier to get a hold of.

Ho Chi Minh City

When generally Saigon, Ho Chi Minh City is the nation’s biggest town, supplying a home for over 6.4 million inhabitants. Ho Chi Minh is situated in the united states’s south and is the focus of Vietnams unfolding vibrant metropolitan life. It really is a cultural and commercial center full of energy.

The town’s wealthy last is mirrored in its design. Old pagodas and standard areas define Ho Chi Minh City’s historic personality while skyscrapers and malls show the improvements the town features withstood lately. Two globes, the old therefore the new, meet and blend efficiently within Vietnamese metropolis.


Vietnam’s capital, Hanoi, is found in the North associated with country. While Ho Chi Minh City is the beating heart of Vietnam’s urban life, Hanoi provides a no cost calm. Here, style and exotic trendy are predominant. Enduring the war, Hanoi was spared from United states bombs plus the influence of Russian planners. Hence, it maintains some markers of the colonial past, and a quaint French allure permeates the city.

InterNations Expat magThe city had previously been the center of commerce for many thousands of years, an undeniable fact which is however apparent in some corners of Vietnam’s money. Today, it still integrates ancient and colonial histories with today's new appearance. When you walk-through the old one-fourth of Hanoi, guarantee to not be go beyond by one of the many motorcycles wandering the streets, though!


Vietnamese airlines like Jetstar Pacific work daily between Ho Chi Minh City, Hanoi, Hué, Da Nang and Nha Trang. If taking a trip by car, you must know that the road quality is reasonable but could vary with respect to the place as well as on enough time of the year. Especially throughout the rainy period, roads in many cases are in a poor condition. Since Global Drivers Licenses are not acknowledged in Vietnam, self-drive vehicle hire is non-existent. Therefore, whenever hiring a car from a from a travel organization, the automobile comes detailed with a chauffeur.

For the urban drive, you'll be able to call a taxi or hail one regarding the street. However, you really need to ensure that the driver features started up the meter. Bicycles are a popular mode of transport and can be employed in bigger towns and cities. Consider, but that most drivers are not extremely considerate of cyclists. Cycling on main roadways could be extremely dangerous, and of course frightening. Therefore, if your wanting to hop on a bike to explore Vietnam, put on a decent helmet and work out sure that you have adequate health care coverage.

When it comes to rail transit, present long-distance trains will be the fastest, best and, first and foremost, beloved choice. Regional services, on the other hand, are less costly, and less convenient. The main railroad links Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City. This journey takes between 30 and 40 hours. Naturally other connections are also available. It is simple to buy your ticket in the neighborhood train station.

Vietnamese Lesson - transport vehicles
Vietnamese Lesson - transport vehicles
Learn Vietnamese transport (by Sophie, Sally and Parker)
Learn Vietnamese transport (by Sophie, Sally and Parker)
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LSIS_Transportation System SOC_Vietnamese
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