History of Vietnamese cuisine

March 23, 2018
Vietnamese cuisine

MISSION:We are focused on offering a authentic and tasty Vietnamese dining knowledge to our patrons. Quality in item, service, and hospitality is really what we shoot for. We measure our success by the commitment of our clients and staff.

Mai’s Restaurant had been established in 1978 by Phin and Phac Nguyen as a way to provide for his or her group of eight kids. And like the majority of Vietnamese homes, family based businesses had been exactly that, run by and for the household. Of this eight, title of their girl, "Mai" had been selected for this's simplicity in pronunciation and significant meaning, "golden flower" which can be a token of success and chance. Minimal did they discover how Mai's will have developed many years later on.

Daughter, Mai Nguyen, had big hopes and ambitions on her behalf family's business. And for that reason, in 1990, the restaurant ended up being passed to the woman upon her moms and dads' intent to retire. Mai's sight would be to just take her family's restaurant beyond the Vietnamese neighborhood, pursuing patrons from all parts of society for the City of Houston. In 1991, it would appear that Houston had officially been introduced to Vietnamese food through Mai's Restaurant, receiving regional news coverage due to the recognition of these loyal patrons. In Mai's eyes, the woman huge hopes and dreams had been accomplished.

On February 15, 2010, Mai’s Restaurant had been damaged by an accidental fire. That day, the complete Mai's household stood outside in rips. Years of time and effort was in flames and ash. Thankfully, no life were sacrificed in unfortunate occasion. The Houston Chronicle showcased a front web page tale of the fire, talking about Mai's Restaurant as a "landmark" in Houston.

The Nguyen family ended up being uplifted because of the help regarding the community and their patrons. To such an extent, that it had become a renewed strength for them to reconstruct and restore. Thin story begins for the next section of Mai’s Restaurant. Mai Nguyen’s oldest child, Anna Pham, whom like the woman mommy, was working during the restaurant since childhood, has transformed into the 3rd generation successor of this family members business. Anna too has huge hopes and hopes and dreams for Mai's. The woman vision and interpretation of the company is while you notice it today – a blend of new and old. Anna ended up being prompted because of the history behind her household company, such sweat and rips had opted into protecting the authenticity of precious household meals. However, she envisioned today's change the restaurant. To Anna Pham, this is the rebirth of Mai's.

Today, Mai’s Restaurant continues to be true to supplying genuine Vietnamese cuisine to all or any of our patrons in a comfortable, everyday dining environment. Our objective will be provide superior superiority in food and hospitality, and to meet or exceed the objectives of our visitors.

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