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November 14, 2017
Vietnam tailor-made tour 2013

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Tet may be the biggest additionally the biggest holiday in Vietnam. Its an excellent event for families’ users to collect collectively and relish the most useful soothing time in the year. The primary days of event would be the days from Dec 30th to Jan 3rd Lunar 12 months

There are many customs which reveal what direction to go and exactly what to not do of these times for achieving fortune and joy when you look at the New Year. These dos and don’ts differs from location to area but there 8 main things.


1. Purchase and put on brand-new clothing

Tet is time for you to say good-bye towards past year and enjoy a brand new 12 months with brand-new chance, new success. Hence, people usually wear brand new and gorgeous clothes in these day for a brand new start in the New 12 months. The street in Tet vacation is full with colorful costume, ao dai normally a typical outfit. Its thought that colorful bright colors like red, yellow may bring glee and prosperity to men and women for upcoming 12 months.

Wine, tea, sodas, cookies, chocolates are widely-used as typical gift suggestions.2. Exchange gift

It is a favorite custom in Tet vacation, used by people in a family group or people in the office (employees and boss). Younger people who is able to make their own money usually give gift with their elders to state appreciation and love toward all of them. The employees give present to their manager to improve the relationships.

3. Pay all the debts before Tet

It really is thought that people should never begin a new 12 months with debts and lent things, usually they would get stuck with debts in all that year. Therefore, Vietnamese people usually pay back their debts and return all things they own borrowed from other individuals.

4. Offer happy money

Providing happy cash is the popular customized in the primary days of Tet vacation. Grownups that have currently got hitched and also have income are supposed to give the children fortunate cash” (tiền lì xì) and best wishes when seeing other’s domiciles.

5. Look

During Tet vacation, people need to keep by themselves from getting mad or despondent while having beaming smile to their face for a pleased new year.


1. Show up

From the first day associated with new-year, the initial one who turns up at someone’s house brings to the family members all feature of the person because year. Ergo, the house owner needs to very carefully select a suitable person to end up being the first person showing up in their house. It is necessary to keep in mind that do not show up at anyone’s household for those who haven’t been asked beforehand because of the home owner. In accordance with eastern culture, men is chosen to-be the one who bring the lucky into the new-year.

2. Argue and say unlucky things

Folks always greet both by saying successful New Year with huge laugh in Tet holiday. Don’t state bad things like demise in Tet. Besides, men and women should stay away from having ugly arguments with other people. Otherwise, you will confront unfortunate things all year

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