Basic Vietnamese language

January 31, 2016
I learnt the basic Vietnamese

vietnamese-language-lessonsWhether you are in Vietnam for work, travel, or you have relocated right here your own time may well be more enjoyable and satisfying for those who have a basic understanding of the Vietnamese language. The Hidden Hanoi language school combines a beautiful, friendly class setting with a variety of courses and teaching product to encourage your Vietnamese discovering.

Experienced educators will encourage one to exercise useful, every day Vietnamese in tiny groups, ensuring loads of fun and an inspiring environment. We offer courses during the day and night from Monday to Saturday. Private classes are organized.

Students have the opportunity to continue excursions and be a part of personal activities to further develop confidence.

A regular pronunciation class helps all students boost their shades and an everyday conversation club provides possibilities to talk Vietnamese along with other students and locals.

Getaway Vietnamese class equips friends with just short time in Vietnam but will be ready directing taxis, haggling in areas for the greatest prices plus making requests in restaurants with confidence. Taken by itself, the class is a great on Vietnamese language and culture.

Survival Basic Amount 1:
Lessons 1 to 6 over 18 hours plus 2 field trips – 4, 200, 000 VND
(approx. $200US)

Intermidiate Level 2:

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Learn Vietnamese Language - Lesson 25: Vietnamese Grammar
Learn Vietnamese Language - Lesson 25: Vietnamese Grammar ...
First Language Support: Basic vocabulary (fruit) - Vietnamese
First Language Support: Basic vocabulary (fruit) - Vietnamese
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