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July 23, 2015
Kien Nguyen flies the Freedom

NEW YORK ( TheStreet) - Vietnam Airlines on Tuesday is at the biggest market of globe aviation as it prepares in order to become only the 2nd airline to take distribution of both Airbus A350XWB while the Boeing 787 Dreamliner.

Airbus delivered an A350 to Vietnam Airlines Summer 30 in Toulouse, France. On Monday, Boeing (BA - take Report ) staged a meeting at Washington Reagan National Airport, showing the 787-9 that's planned to be sent to Vietnam Airlines later this month and declaring that Vietnam might take distribution of eight 787-10s in the years ahead.

The service states it plans to obtain 14 A350s and can use the first to fly from Hanoi to Paris, about 5, 700 kilometers, while its first 787 will serve London Heathrow.

Teal Group analyst Richard Aboulafia stated he wants this new plane will also enable Vietnam to fly non-stop to the US.

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"let's imagine you will be a banner provider from a medium sized economy, " he said. "suddenly, you've got long-range twin-engine jets that enable that access the U.S. market.

"individuals will not have to take Singapore or Emirates, " he stated. "you'll offer them non-stop service with efficient aircraft.

"Vietnam has reached the epicenter of path fragmentation, " Aboulafia stated. "paths are getting smaller plus direct. Which is something which everybody anticipated excluding Airbus in creating the A380 and thinking 'people will always desire to improvement in Tokyo or Frankfurt.'"

Both brand-new aircraft can travel lengthy distances. The A350-9 can fly 7, 600 kilometers as the 787-900 can fly 8, 500 kilometers. In past times, just bigger plane could carry adequate gasoline to travel such lengthy distances with full lots. That made it ineffective to fly paths that did not offer sufficient traffic to fill the plane without considerable fare discounting.

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