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July 15, 2016
3/4 ton 4x4 US Army Field

This spot 'collection' represents this units that served in Vietnam flying medical evacuation missions against an armed adversary. All unit aircraft flew unarmed apart from the first Cav who armed their helicopters with M-60 home weapons.

The spots shown listed here are in numerical sequence of products for function of display just. Whenever product histories are gotten, this information is going to be provided alongside each displayed spot.

The 45th Medical Company Air Ambulance (AA) has actually an abundant and powerful history. It really is one of the few choose products into the Army that may claim to have took part in every major United States and NATO procedure considering that the Korean War apart from Operation Just Cause. The unit's MEDEVAC record started in Vietnam from 1967 until 1971. The Company's lineage can be traced back again to World War II and Korea, when it was constituted on 20 August 1943 once the 45th Veterinary Company and activated in Italy on 16 July 1944. Following the war, the 45th was inactivated while still in Germany around February 1946. During mobilization when it comes to Korean dispute, the 45th guidon ended up being once again raised when it ended up being redesignated the 45th healthcare Collecting Company, (different) on 31 July 1951 and triggered at Camp Atterbury, Indiana, on 9 August 1951. This was temporary since the unit was inactivated simply over annually afterwards 15 August 1952 without previously deploying to Korea.

The company's record as an Air Ambulance product began with regards to ended up being once again resurrected because of the Army whilst the 45th Medical business (AA) in Summer 1960 at Fort Bragg, vermont. In belated might 1967 the 45th Medical Company (Air Ambulance), stationed at Fort Bragg, new york, got notice that it can quickly leave for

Vietnam. It had been on deferred condition since 1965 with twenty-five outdated H-19 helicopters. Since the business had been struggling to obtain its final twelve authorized pilots before departure, it deployed without pilots for one whole trip platoon; too many aviation products had been creating

and deploying for several to possess their particular complete complement of pilots. Before departing, the system picked up twenty-five brand-new UH-1H's with powerful Lycoming L-13 engines. These plane could possibly be fitted with hoists for in-flight running regarding the wounded, and they also carried brand-new DECCA navigational kits.

By 13 September the 45th had been totally operational at Long Binh, about twenty kilometers northeast of


The 45th soon committed itself to offering twenty-four hour standbys at a number of basics around

Saigon. One plane also provided sunlight help towards Australians inside

Saigon area. At Long Binh the business held three standby aircraft for nearby evacuations and another for VIP or medical administration missions. From Summer through September alone, nine associated with the aircraft were damaged in fight. In October the 93d


Hospital started utilizing the 45th to move the majority of its customers to a casualty staging facility near Tan Son Nhut, conserving the hurt the vexation of riding in floor ambulances across congested and dusty roads of

Saigon. The company had been inactivated in Vietnam on 30 April 1971.

The 54th healthcare Detachment (Helicopter Ambulance) reached Chu Lai within the southern I Corps Zone in August, instantly began combat training with the 498th health business, and became operational on 25 September 1967. It supported the Americal. Division, the Army's biggest. The southern I Corps Zone turned out to be perhaps one of the most hotly contested in

South Vietnam, as well as the 54th soon amassed an enviable record of honorable and specific assistance.

The 57th health business (Air Ambulance) had been originally constituted once the 57th Malaria Control Unit on 01 September 1943 and activated in the Army provider Forces Training

The Unit had been reorganized and redesignated while the 57th Malaria Control Detachment on 08 April 1945 and inactivated on 30 September 1945 inactivated 30 September 1945 in Brazil.

The system had been reactivated and allotted into the Regular Army on 23 March 1953 and designated the 57th Medical Detachment (RA) and assigned to Brooke Army infirmary, Fort Sam Houston, TX. The machine had been 1st Aeromedical Evacuation product deployed into the Republic of Vietnam, showing up in country on 26 April 1962 and staying until deactivation at TAN SON Nhut Air Base, on 14 March 1973. Through the 57th Medical Detachment's solution in Vietnam, the unit's committed unhesitating solution to your fighting causes, coupled with an excellent health assistance system, added to your most affordable death price the united states of america Armed Forces of any conflict in army history. The period of solution in Vietnam in addition provided the 57th Medical Detachment (RA) along with it's motto, "THE INITIAL DUSTOFF", when all aeromedical evacuations became understood by the 57th healthcare Detachment's initial radio callsign "DUSTOFF". Whenever 57th health Detachment (RA) had been sent to Vietnam, it became the first unit to utilize the UH-1 helicopter for MEDEVAC in actual fight businesses, evacuating more than 100, 000 customers inside the combat zone. On 29 March 1973, the Detachment returned to the usa and was assigned to Fort Bragg.

In October 1967, the 159th Medical Detachment (Helicopter Ambulance) arrived in Cu Chi, twenty kilometers northwest of Saigon with a goal to aid all devices in the region, but primarily the

U.S. 25th Infantry Division.

The 236th healthcare Company's record dates to at least one July 1968 in which it was initially activated at Fort Polk, Louisiana, because the 236th Medical Detachment. After substantial education, it had been formed as a combat ready unit on 1 September 1968. On 26 November 1968, the machine had been deployed towards Republic of South Vietnam. Preliminary assignment was to the 44th health Brigade, with further project under command of 67th health Group found at Camp Paddock, (Red seashore) Danang. Through the time the 236th had been activated until it really is redeployment on united states of america and Fort Sam Houston, Tx, on 30 March 1972, it had evacuated an overall total of 41, 000 clients, flying 19, 072 missions with an overall total of 13, 106 traveling hours. The 236th had been granted the Meritorious device Citation for remarkably meritorious solution into the overall performance of the responsibilities whilst in Vietnam.


The system was constituted given that 57th Station Hospital on 23 June 1942. It absolutely was activated at Camp Gruber, Oklahoma on 25 July 1942. It had been reorganized and redesignated since the 247th Medical Detachment on 25 November 1945, and ended up being inactivated on 28 February 1946 at Tunis, North Africa. It was triggered on 1 August 1946 at Fort Mears, Alaska in which it was inactivated 21 April 1947. The system ended up being redesignated on 27 September 1951 as the 247th Surgical Detachment and triggered on 15 November 1951 in Korea; it absolutely was inactivated there on 24 January 1953.

The 247th ended up being redesignated because the 247th healthcare Detachment (RA) on 3 might 1968 and triggered 19 August 1968 at Fort Riley, Kansas as a helicopter ambulance unit.

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