What is the culture of Vietnam?

August 25, 2017
Vietnamese Folklores

A Vietnamese dragon showing obvious Chinese impact.A Vietnamese dragon showing obvious Chinese impact. (Photo: Dragon, Vietnam picture by J-F Perigois from Fotolia.com )

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The culture of Vietnam is distinct from those of their neighbors Cambodia, Laos and China – even though it attracts influences from all of these. Within core of Vietnamese tradition is an agricultural sensibility, created over thousands of years of damp farming rice. Confucian morality, French art and modern socialism have all added to the depth of Vietnamese tradition as well.


Vietnam was settled 4, 000 years ago by the Phung Nguyen culture, however it ended up being the Dong Son tradition, which launched rice agriculture, that certainly signified the start of everything we understand now as Vietnam. Initial real Vietnamese state ended up being established in the third century B.C. under the Hong Bang Dynasty. This kingdom ended up being temporary, however, plus in lower than two hundreds of years the Chinese had conquered Vietnam, which they ruled for nearly a lot of years. Into the 10th century, Vietnam regained its independency, and with the exception of various brief times of Chinese rule, remained separate until French colonization inside nineteenth century.

Chinese and French Influence

Beginning with the Han Dynasty’s conquest of Vietnam into the third century B.C., Asia ruled over Vietnam until 938. Chinese guideline supplied numerous social influences, like the introduction of Confucian morality, viewpoint and governmental construction. The Confucian ideal remains greatly alive in Vietnam even today. Chinese rule also impacted the cuisine, language and garments. Into the belated 19th century the French took control over Vietnam, including it in to the territory of French Indo-China. They introduced areas of their cuisine, art and, above all, language. French became the lingua franca of Vietnam, and nation continues to be the only one in Indochina to work well with a version of the Latin alphabet.


Vietnam has a good nationwide identity, & most Vietnamese identify by themselves first of all as Vietnamese – giving additional importance to their town. Like most Asian cultures, Vietnamese tradition also offers a strong focus on the significance of family members, especially the extended family members, or clan. Marriage and funeral rites have actually a good deal in accordance with the ones that are in China – due to Confucianism. Formality is vital, and sets from the day and time of the ceremony on honorifics accustomed the attire worn by those current is given the maximum interest.

Food and Clothing

Vietnamese meals is unique, varying from that in neighboring nations with its powerful reliance on seafood sauce and sour flavors, in addition to its reasonably sparse usage of oil. Pho, the best-known Vietnamese meal beyond Vietnam, is a Northern Vietnamese noodle soup, typically made out of softly poached cuts of beef. Discover French influence in Vietnamese food aswell, most notably when you look at the prevalence of baguettes at every meal. Clothes in Vietnam has become in Western mode except in many rural provinces. Typical clothes, which are generally quite embellished and costly, will always be worn at essential social events such as for instance weddings or spiritual ceremonies.

Vietnam culture
Vietnam culture
Culture of Vietnam
Culture of Vietnam
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