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November 17, 2015
Cost of living Vietnam: Ho Chi

James Nomadic Notes blog siteI got on a “night right here, morning there” call with James Clark of Nomadic Notes recently. James is an electronic digital nomad doing work from Ho Chi Minh City—Saigon—in Vietnam. He’s perhaps not there all the time, but also for long enough exercises to have a feel for just what it costs to live truth be told there.

I’m beginning to compile resources for a book I have coming out the following year on cutting your expenses in two by going overseas. You don’t have to necessarily move to one of several most affordable locations to call home to carry out that, but Vietnam truly is one of the cheapest locations to live or travel. Check out highlights of our conversation, because of the interior information on day-to-day cost of living in HCMC.

Exactly how did you get yourself into a situation where you can travel and help your self from roadway?

I discovered that We liked taking a trip plenty once We started and liked taking care of the web, and so I figured out ways to benefit myself and hold doing both. During the last a decade I’ve been doing web site design while traveling, working from different places worldwide. I’m from Australian Continent, but I haven’t had an address indeed there since 2010. I’ve mostly been in Southeast Asia.

vietnam coffee hcmcI’ve already been residing in Vietnam all of the previous 12 months, in Ho Chi Minh City. I tried aside countless locations on for size for whilst travelling, utilizing different places as a base. We understood a buddy just who existed right here and liked it, plus there have been several other internet based buddies We understood were based here. So it had been very easy to move here while making this my new house. We work throughout the day at cafes [thus a hefty just about every day coffee budget] and there are probably 15 people i am aware right here that are working on line, on businesses. It’s good to possess visitors to go out with and jump tips off of.

What is the visa situation for living in Vietnam?

When you fly inside you could possibly get a single thirty days visa on arrival or a three-month one you apply for on line before you decide to come. We have a multi-entry visa. Some friends have company visas, but that is more difficult for and you frequently must be hiring people or you tend to be sponsored by a business. I have to keep the united states periodically and go back to start a fresh three-month period.

What truly is it like installing accommodations here?

1st location we rented was only an area in a residence for $250 per month, but you can get your own personal furnished one-bedroom apartment in District 1 in which I am for $500 that'll be decent. That includes a maid which comes 3 x weekly and does your laundry. All of them consist of net. Electricity is not included, that will be 30 days or more, more for those who have the atmosphere conditioning working everyday.

Ho Chi Minh CityEvery time I’ve returned, I’ve discovered a spot within one day for a short-term leasing. I’ll guide a guesthouse room for one night in addition to next day I’ve found somewhere.

Exactly what do you realy invest in a month-to-month foundation?

I did a detailed blog post noting my costs for example month and that had been under $800, living rather frugally. You could spend more on an apartment and venture out more, but nevertheless, for $1, 000 you can easily stay quite nicely right here.

It’s so inexpensive to eat great meals here, i suppose that’s not a lot from your budget.

Yeah, the area I’m renting today doesn’t have even a home. But it does not matter. I’m not a very good prepare anyway as well as the meals is so great right here, I would personallyn’t bother. [On eating dinner out and food for the reason that one-month tally, James spent a total of $246.]

You can get many great intercontinental food right here, however the street food is excellent. A filling full bowl of pho will be about $2, one half that outside the central region.

Will there be anything that costs a lot more than you anticipated or is a poor worth?

The shopping just isn't so good here in comparison to somewhere like Bangkok if you would like purchase clothing or something like that. You'lln’t buy electronic devices here because the fees are actually at the top of top of greater rates to start with. Anytime my Macbook dies, I’m not replacing it here, that’s without a doubt. Still, there lots of people that walk-around with iPhones here, which will be actually astonishing!

I suppose your ok utilizing the tropical heat?

I’m regularly warm and quite often it is hotter in Australia where I’m from. I spent three winters into the north hemisphere and that was sufficient for me. I like heat.

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