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October 28, 2014
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Protein in the morning

Despite the fact that a person sleeps at night, at this time a huge number of physiological processes and chemical reactions take place in his body. They are accompanied by the expenditure of amino acids and other substances that managed to arrive with food during dinner. As soon as the resource comes to an end, the body begins to look for additional sources of fuel and building material. And he finds them in muscle tissue - here begins the breakdown of proteins. Book minibus in Moscow coach rental minibus hire with driver.

In addition, in the morning hormones of the adrenal cortex begin to be secreted - corticosteroids, mainly cortisol. It has an anabolic effect, that is, contribute to the breakdown of proteins, fats, carbohydrates.

From the foregoing, only one conclusion follows - waking up in the morning, the athlete must immediately replenish the protein reserves in the body. So-called “fast” whey proteins are best suited for this.

Protein during the day

Some people think that muscle tissue only needs protein during exercise. In fact, proteins are needed constantly throughout the day. Iq option Kenya. It is necessary to organize nutrition in such a way that the necessary amino acids constantly enter the muscles.

For this, the intake of proteins is carried out most often 4-6 times a day in normal doses. Step by step affiliate marketing course clickbank maxbounty. The best effect is achieved if both “fast” and “slow” and complex proteins are used at the same time. Some of them will satisfy emergency needs during training, while others will provide a prolonged effect.

Protein before training Typically, proteins are taken one and a half to two hours before training in small doses (about 20 grams). Book minibus in Moscow coach hire minibus rental with driver in Moscow.Not all bodybuilders practice this approach, but it is justified. Even before the next workout, the muscles quickly get a large amount of beck, which provides their increased resource. You can use more intense loads for a longer time, there is an excellent effect from classes.

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