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May 15, 2017
The Ho Chi Minh mausoleum in

Vietnam's National bannerOfficial Country Name: Socialist Republic of Viet Nam

National Flag
The National Flag regarding the Socialist Republic of Viet Nam has got the shape of a rectangular featuring its width becoming corresponding to two-thirds of the size, red background and a five-pointed yellow celebrity in the centre. The red fl ag with yellowish celebrity appeared when it comes to fi rst time in the Nam Ky Uprising (23 November 1940). This fl ag was recognized as the nationwide Flag of Viet Nam by the Decree finalized by President Ho Chi Minh on 5 September 1945 and was adopted since the National Flag of Viet Nam because of the very first National Assembly (at its very first session) on 2 March 1946.

Nationwide Emblem
The nationwide Emblem associated with Socialist Republic of Viet Nam ended up being approved because of the very first National Assembly (at its fifth session in September 1955). The nationwide Emblem is circular in form with purple history. The five-pointed yellow celebrity at the center symbolizes the
innovative reputation for the world. The surrounding rice ears symbolize agriculture. Half a cogwheel symbolizes business and here could be the inscription “Socialist Republic of Viet Nam”.

Vietnam's emblemNational Anthem
The tune "March into forward" had been composed by Van Cao (1923-1995) in late 1944. Right after its launch, the track became the offi cial track associated with the Viet Minh Front. Later, it had been authorized because of the very first nationwide Assembly (at its first program) become the nationwide Anthem of Viet Nam.

Vietnams map

Region: 331.051, 4 km2
Population: 85.789.573 men and women (by 1 April 2009)
Capital: Hanoi


  • New Year: 1 January
  • Tet Nguyen Dan (Lunar New year): four-day vacation (final day's the old 12 months and three first times of this new year in Lunar Calendar)
  • Hung Kings Worshiping Festival: 10 March in Lunar Calendar
  • Reunification Day: 30 April
  • International Labor Day: 1 May
  • National Day: 2 September

Hanoi, Capital associated with the Socialist Republic of Viet Nam, is the governmental, economic and cultural centre regarding the nation. Through the record, Hanoi had been Viet Nam’s money invarious dynasties. This season, Hanoi will commemorate the 1, 000th Anniversary of Thang Long – Hanoi (in 1010, King Ly Thai To issued a proclamation of transferring the main city from Hoa Lu (Ninh Binh) to Thang Long - Hanoi today).

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