Gamblers help Vietnamese

January 7, 2016
Danang in central Vietnam

Vietnamese American woman betting in a casino © BThe following is a reprint of an article authored by John M. Glionna associated with l . a . instances, entitled Gambling regarded as No-Win circumstances for a few Asians, initially published January 16, 2006. It discusses the rise in popularity of gambling among Asian Us americans, its connections to old-fashioned Asian culture, plus some of issues of addiction related to it.

In Chinese, Vietnamese, Filipino, Korean and Cambodian communities, social employees and frontrunners tend to be pressuring gaming officials and state legislators to identify a hidden epidemic. "This isn't a special-interest team overblowing difficulty, " said Timothy Fong, co-director associated with the UCLA Gambling Studies plan, that will be conducting an Asian gambling study. "We think this will be real."

No one really knows exactly how profoundly problem gambling reaches into Asian communities because Asians have not been damaged away as a bunch in nationwide or California researches in the concern. But a 1999 poll in san francisco bay area's Chinatown, commissioned by a social services company, found that 70percent of 1, 808 respondents rated betting as their neighborhood's #1 issue.

set of Chinese Us citizens scraping off lotto tickets © Beatrice de Gea/LA TimesIn a follow-up poll, 21percent of respondents considered on their own pathological gamblers and 16% even more called by themselves issue gamblers - prices substantially greater than within the overall population. Present information declare that 1.6percent of People in the us can be classified as pathological gamblers, an ailment seen as a psychiatric disorder. About 3per cent even more are thought problem gamblers.

Gambling has become The united states's adult pastime of choice. Each year, more money is spent when you look at the country's $75-billion video gaming business than on flicks, shows, sports and amusement parks combined. And no place is gambling on a more impressive roll than in Ca, with almost 60 Indian casinos, results of card spaces, racetracks and Internet betting sites in addition to among nation's most profitable state lotteries.

Asian gamblers perform an integral part for the reason that success. Though few statistics on their share on state's betting cooking pot occur, some gambling enterprises and card rooms near Los Angeles and bay area estimate that Asians often take into account 80per cent of the clients. "Asians are a huge market, " stated Wendy Waldorf, a spokeswoman when it comes to Cache Creek Casino north of bay area. "We focus on all of them."

Daily in San Gabriel, Monterey Park and bay area's Chinatown, scores of buses gather Asian consumers free-of-charge junkets to Indian casinos also to Reno and nevada. Many Nevada gambling enterprises also maintain business workplaces in Monterey Park, where hosts retain in regular touch with Asian big spenders. To reach more run-of-the-mill gamblers, casinos run adverts in Asian-language printing and broadcast media and conduct direct-mailing promotions to ZIP Codes with a high amounts of Asian residents.

Numerous Asians - particularly Chinese - consider gambling an accepted practice in the home at social events, also among the youthful. Chinese youngsters often gamble for cash with aunts, uncles and grand-parents. While growing up in san francisco bay area's Chinatown, Lee took wagering to ridiculous amounts - wagering on whether the teacher would assign homework. On rainy days, he bet on which fall would first achieve the base of the class room screen.

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